low GPA, any hope for NP?

  1. Hi everyone. I'm sure this question has come up a hundred times, but I'm going to go ahead and try again. I'm considering applying to a master's program for ANP. I recently graduated this past May with my BSN and was an LPN for 2.5 years prior. I am currently working on the telemetry/CCU floor for 6 months now. Actually I am in the process of finishing up an application to The George Washington University ANP program (trying to come up with a killer essay, lol). Mine as well give it a shot, right? My problem is, I have an undergrad GPA of 2.6. I know, I know...it's less than 3.0. and that's not much experience. Yes, I know! But I have this strong drive and passion to be an NP and not wait until I'm 40 years old. I want it while I'm not married and no kids. It's the perfect time in my life to do it. I have close to 200 credit hours of undergrad classes with a 2.6 GPA...I'm never going to bring that GPA up in my lifetime. I've had various reasons of having a less than stellar GPA (much family sickness, working FT, and immaturity in my earlier years of college). And now I'm realizing the importance. *sigh*. Now I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place with the possibility of maybe never getting into a masters program. What I'm mainly wanting to know is: is there anyone out there that has gotten into an NP program with a low GPA? Is there any hope out there? What should I do? I have lots going for me (president of my nursing program, did study abroad twice, my grades improved the closer to graduation). I'll quit rambling. Thanks in advance for the info
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  3. by   Boonce1
    you can take master level classes as a nonmarticulating student get at least a b or above and you can apply for the NP program
  4. by   Ximena2008
    Hi, I am also in the process of entering a NP program. I have a 2.6 GPA, so I was as worry as you about it because of it. Anyways, I did applied to 2 Universities and I already got a call for an interview. GPA is a very important aspect but it is not the only thing that Graduate programs look at. After I submitted my application, I called the graduate admissions department and they advised to take courses to bring up the GPA, it was something unreasonable for me to do because I would have to take so many classes to get to 3.0, so I called the program Director and she told me that was not something she recommends, actually she said that they will see it as something inflated or artificial. So, I applied, got myself a very good essay and obtained 3 very good letters of recommendation, one from a former prof., one from a co-worker and from a Supervisor at my job.

    Another thing is I called almost every week to follow up on my application, I visited the campus and met with the Program coordinator, I expressed how important it was for me, I let myself be known. After a couple of months I did receive an invitation for the interview. Now I am preparing myself for that day, I am making sure I know everything about the program, about the University, about the research they do. I will speak to current students before the interview and get an idea from them. Also, check in the requirements if the GPA is for the whole nursing school of for the las 60 credits you took, or for certain classes.
    As I was searching schools to apply, I noticed this things. Besides, be ready to let them know that you are not just a GPA, that you are more than that and when you tell them the reasons why you don't have a 3.0 or more be sure to mention what you learned from it, like if this family issues or whatever else happen again, because they could, that you learn how to deal with them and give them examples. In this way you are telling them that you are better prepare to be a Master's student. Let them know how much you want it and why.

    I will tell you how it goes for me after the interview. Good luck and do not get discourage.
  5. by   luvnursing77
    Hi Ximena, do you mind if I ask to what 2 schools did you apply?
  6. by   arabianeyez83
    At my university if you have below a 2.9 they put u on probation for the first 12 credits, they only let you do part time (1 class a semester)..if you get below a B in one class you are out of the program..if you successfully complete 12 credits...you can then go full time...
  7. by   NCcardiacNurse
    hey guys, thanks for your input. i really appreciate the encouragement. arabian, which school do you attend?
  8. by   arabianeyez83
    I go to Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan
  9. by   gettingbsn2msn
    Many schools will waive the low GPA if your GRE is high. That was my case. I took my classes over 10 years ago but did well on the GRE. I am now doing the core. Good luck. There is always a way.
  10. by   natyloo
    do all schools allow you to start the core classes w/o matriculating? who do you contact in the school to start this??
  11. by   Nurseakoto
    Hi NCcardiacNurse how are things going for your quest to get in the program? It's been a year and I'm hoping you can share your thoughts/experiences so far. I'm also in the works of getting in an NP program and we have the same predicament as yours. I work in an MICU right now and have been a PCU nurse for 5 yrs then now moved on to be in the ICU.
    Thanks in advance!
  12. by   ILUVICU84
    Hi there!

    I was in the same boat as you. My GPA at the end of my BSN was 2.66 and I thought all hope was lost of getting into grad school. But I took a chance and applied at a very competitive ACNP program and found out yesterday I was admitted on probationary status which means I have to pass stats with 3.0. I have been a cv icu nurse for 5 years, got my CCRN and TNCC, as well as work in the only two level one trauma centers in the state which I think really helped me. Good luck to you!
  13. by   apham

    Wow, your story is inspiring! I am on the same boat as you and I'm currently taking science pre-reqs to boost my undergrad GPA. May I ask what schools accepted you? Thank you very much and best wishes to you and all your endeavors!
  14. by   PatMac10,RN
    Good thread.