Illinois gets Full Practice Authority!!!

  1. Just came over my feed about an hour ago:

    Illinois APRNs Gain Full Practice Authority FPA to become a reality in Illinois - Details of Agreement - IL Society for Advanced Practice Nursing
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  3. by   juan de la cruz
    That's awesome, TraumaRUs!
  4. by   Mission2BNP
    Texas needs to catch up! They had a bill but it was set to pending...all these other states granting full practice should make the legislation think.
  5. by   traumaRUs
    Agree - and Illinois is home to the AMA (in Chicago) so we have faced a lot of opposition....
  6. by   Bumex
    About time. I got the email from the society directly and I was surprised that this happened so quickly
  7. by   lhflanurseNP
    Like Texas...Florida is slow to change. Look at how long it took to get prescriptive rights! We have had autonomy bills go to Tallahassee several times...with them NEVER even getting past the committee. The docs here are making some good money with NPs paying them a monthly fee for "supervision".
  8. by   Skippingtowork
    California not on board yet either.
  9. by   SEDK
    So you're in Florida. I was thinking of moving from Washington which is fully autonomous to Florida. Previously I lived in NM also a FPA state. So, I've never worked in a state which required any kind of oversight or colaborative aggreement. So, it makes me a little nervous to move to a highly restritive state. I'm trying to gain some insight from those that live there that might be able to help me by answering some questions, and sharing some info.

    Part of my motivation is the sun, and a swimmable ocean. Lcation, location, location. I would be moving to the St Pete area, or Tampa area. My brohter and mother live there, so I have family there.
    Yes, it seems pay here is higher, but not 300% higher and the cost of living between NM and WA is about 300% greater. So, although I'm making well into six figures, it all disapears cost of living.
    But I've heard jobs are hard to come by in FL. Is this just a new grad issue? I am not a new grad and my previous practice has been FP, UC, and aesthetics primarily.
    I'm applying for license now, prior to applying to any jobs because it seems nobody wants to talk to you without a florida license already.
    So, I guess my questions are how do you find working in a state where you have to have a supervising physician?
    Is it really that hard to find a job?
    Is there any other info or tips that might make this decision easier, or bring some clarity to mind?