Best books/resources to keep in your office

  1. I am starting my first *real* FNP job in a few months and would like to invest in a few more reference books to keep in my office. It is a family primary care practice... mostly adults but some peds come through the door, as well. It is part of an academic medical center so I will have access to lots of online resources-- UpToDate, LexiComp, etc.

    These are the texts that I still have from grad school:
    • Bates Guide to Physical Examination (Bickley)
    • Pharmacotherapeutics for Advanced Practice (Arcangelo & Peterson)
    • The Sanford Guide
    • Differential Diagnosis in Primary Care (Collins)
    • Primary Care: A Collaborative Practice (Buttaro)
    • Pediatric Primary Care: Practice Guidelines for Nurses (Richardson)
    • AAP Bright Futures Pocket Guidelines

    What are your favorite must-haves to keep near your desk? What am I missing? Is it worth investing in a derm book? Is the 5-Minute Consult helpful?

    What did you find yourself reaching for again and again when you were a new provider?
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  3. by   BostonFNP
    UpToDate is one of the most valuable POC resources you can have as a new provider.

    The derm flashcard book is well worth the investment.
  4. by   AnnieNP
    Congratulations on your first job!!! I have been in practice for 10 years and UptoDate is the one resource I use routinely.
  5. by   MJC2118
    Definitely Up-to-date, as others have mentioned. I also really like Habif's Clinical Dermatology
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    But wait DR Google is SOOOOO smart
  9. by   elizabell
    Thank you for all the responses!

    Yes, I will definitely have UpToDate access. I did my final clinical rotation at the site during school and you better believe that I used the UpToDate app on my phone all day long. You can also link to it within their EMR, I believe.

    The Habif's Clinical Derm sounds like a good pick... I wonder how much you lose out on by purchasing an older addition on Amazon. The new editions are >$100 but the old editions are <$10. Derm doesn't change THAT much, does it?
  10. by   BCgradnurse for all things derm.
  11. by   Fatguyinalittlecoat
    I'm in my clinical rotation right now (FNP), but I have found Epocrates, Family Practice Notebook, CMTD 2017, and Cash & Glass Family Practice Guidelines very helpful so far. If I really get stuck, Mushlin's Decision Making in Medicine and The Patient History: EBP approach to DDx.

    Epcorates is free as a student and the FP notebook is pretty reasonable. I still like looking through books from time to time but I'm quickly learning the value of speed and directness when looking for info through electronic resources.

    My current preceptor uses UTD almost exclusively.