ARNP bonus structure

  1. Hello fellow nurses,

    My husband is an ARNP. He works under a physician and sees patients out in the field in SNFs and ALFs. He has a base salary, and his cooperating physician pays him a percentage based on how many patients he sees per month. The bonuses have always been lagging about 6 months (like he would get April's check in October). But this year he has only received 3 all year. The last one was in July, and it was for services rendered in January. I'm not going to say that we are struggling, but our whole family budget is based on a certain income. I just graduated with my BSN, and haven't started making money yet, my youngest just started daycare, and we are charging groceries. The physician just told the practice that he is selling them to a large medical company, so my husband is afraid he won't see any money until the first of the year when they get bought out. So my question is, do we have any options? Do we just sit back collecting a tiny paycheck? Is there any way we can file a grievance? Would it do any good anyway? Or do we just need to suck it up because this is the way the industry works?
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  3. by   DizzyJon
    What is in the employment contract? The first thing that went wrong was allowing the bonus pay to come months after services rendered. If the pay is based on number of patients seen, then it should be a very quick calculation to determine this and be paid within 2-4 weeks of months completion.
  4. by   Angels11883
    The time from services rendered to payment received was not spelled out in his contract.
  5. by   Calalilynurse
    I think he should start putting in applications for another job asap. I also think you need to take NCLEX and start applying for rn jobs instead of waiting this out. You have have a family to take care and your husband shouldn't feel pressured to work for free. I don't want you to be in financial trouble being loyal to an employer that's not loyal to you.
  6. by   Angels11883
    I should clarify my situation better- I worked all through nursing school as a CNA, but my whole check went to insurance. I graduated August 5th, and passed NCLEX August 29. But Irma forced all the orientations to be rescheduled so I have been working but haven't collected a nursing paycheck yet. I appreciate you concern, but rest assured I am doing all I can on my end too.
  7. by   WKShadowRN
    Our bonuses are awarded quarterly and given the first month of the quarter following the measured term.
  8. by   Big Blondie
    My bonus is paid every two weeks.