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I never had acne until I was twenty four. I then got cystic acne. Oh my God, it was awful! What finally did the trick was Tetracycline. It cleared up within weeks. I did have to stay on it for quite some time. It was the best thing in the world for me at the time.

I do agree that cystic acne usually can't be treated with topical OTC ointments. See a dermatologist. Good luck finding what works for you. I know it is not a good thing to go through. Mine got so bad at one point, I didn't want to leave the house.

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Oh boy, do I feel your pain. For the past 3 months, I have had one continous breakout on my face on both sides of my cheeks. I threw away all my makeup and tried Proactiv. It lessened the intensity of the breakout slightly but it continued. So last week, I gave in and went to see a dermatologist who was a black skin care specialist. After going over all the possible causes( I think it's hormonal), he admitted that he couldn't pinpoint the source of the problem. He said that sometimes it does happen to adults for no explainable reason. (I'm 34). It's very demoralizing.

He started me PO doxycycline QD and he gave me a topical gel composed of clindamycin and benzoyl peroxide to use BID. It's only been one week but for the first time since October, I am zit-free and I feel so much better. I can say this much, I won't take clear skin for granted again. Go to a dermatologist.


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Im 25,just got married couple of months ago and never tried any birth control pills..ever,im just curious if i try birth control pills,is there any side effects?i wanna have a baby someday and im scared bout the side effects.And how long should i take birth control pills for my acne(suggeted period of time)?.

Thanks to all of you guys,i really appreciate your help..youre all awesome,its good to know that im not alone.tnx again to all your advice and suggestions.:kiss :roll


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OK- I had cystic acne when I lived in FL but since moving to AZ and using facial cleanser with salicylic acid religiously it has been clear for 3 years now. I have been in nursing school and under different stressors in the last three years. It hasn't been since I began my job at a nursing home that I have had an extreme fair up of cystic pimples. I am thinking it could be environmental--- more resident interaction, more infections, more bacteria= hello acne. Has anyone else noticed a similar timeline?

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this thread is over 6 years old and many things has changed including the terms o servie and offering and asking medical advice

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