Adrenal Fatigue.. so THAT'S what's wrong with me!


Anyone been diagnosed with Adrenal Fatigue? I am awaiting lab results but my doctor (who is an MD but has changed her practice to alternative medicine) is almost positive I have moderate adrenal fatigue. After browsing the internet and purchasing a few books, I am just starting to dive into the new lifestyle that will hopefully promote a healthier adrenal system.

Seems like a pretty common diagnosis for women especially, and I'd bet it's highly untreated among nurses. We work so hard, long hours, in stressful situations, few breaks.. we're probably all somewhat at risk. I encourage you to check out and take the questionnaire.

For those of you diagnosed with adrenal fatigue, what have you found helpful? What kinds of foods have you added to your diet? Have you had to alter your job situation? Any resources you recommend?


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Please be cautious about this unproven unscientific un-diagnosis. The supplements to "cure" this problem actually cause liver failure..


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Hello! I actually have adrenal insufficiency - I don'tknow much about adrenal fatigue, other than a few things I've read. It seems to still be sort of just a theory - a mild, temporary form of adrenal insufficiency that could be a cause of symptoms that have been attributed to things like chronic fatigue syndrome.

So I don't really know if anything I have to offer will be beneficial, but here goes.

I didn't add anything to my diet, but I did cut out quite a bit. No caffeine, no alcohol, no processed carbs, especially when I'm experiencing a really low point.

Stress is killer, but you know how that goes. The doctor can tell you to reduce stress all day long, but you can only do so much. But yoga helps tremendously when I feel out of control and I definitely recommend it.

My number one thing I watch is sleep. I need enough sleep at regular hours. I *might* be able to stay up until 2am once and recover, but any further sleep disturbances will send me into adrenal hell. I'll be graduating from nursing shop soon and while I would love to work nights (and really should expect to) I cannot. My cortisol and I are always doing a delicate dance and I don't think I could handle shift work. Steroids help a lot, but the side effects are less than desirable, as I'm sure you know.


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I am way to far out of school to remember....and too lazy to review....the whole endocrine system.

My patient was talking to the anesthesiologist. She was taking a supplement for adrenal fatigue, something to "boost" her adrenal glands. The anesthesiologist said something to the effect that taking the supplement ONLY teaches your body that it does NOT need to release ??? whatever??? ACTH? that would normally regulate your adrenal glands.

She was not taking this under the care of a endocrinologists. She was doing this under the "care" of a clerk at a health food store or something she read on the Internet!

Makes sense to me.. I don't trust supplements, CAM, etc. Don't mess with your endocrine system unless your have been thoroughly worked up by an endocrinologist!!

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As per site terms of service members can neither request nor offer medical advice. You need to consult with a registered dietician for nutrition advice or your physician for treatment /supplement advice. Good luck.

According to the Mayo Clinic adrenal fatigue is NOT an accepted medical diagnosis only a CAM diagnosis.

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