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Adolescent Nurses..Need Help

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I have recently been assigned a paper on "Nursing Care for the Adolescent Patient". I have no idea where to even start and I could use any and all help. I also would appreciate if someone would be willing to let me interview them. I would also appreciate some websites or journals that are specifically on this subject. I have tried searching on several sites and have not found anything useful. I am a LPN student in Tennessee and I starting to feel lost. Thank you in advance!

suzy253, RN

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Have you been studying the various theories of development, e.g. Erikson, Piaget, etc. Here is a link to a website where they discuss adolescent development. http://www.etr.org/recapp/theories/AdolescentDevelopment/developmentalTheories.htm

At this stage they're becoming more independent and are concerned with their bodies/looks and the need to 'fit in' with their peers.

don't know if this is the info you needed but perhaps you can get something from the website and figure out the nursing care r/t their needs. Good luck

Daytonite, BSN, RN

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I think, perhaps, that one way to approach this paper is to point out the differences between taking care of an adult patient compared to taking care of adolescent (school age) patient. There are ways you would approach a child that differ from the way you deal with adults. I has a lot to do with their level of physical and emotional development. I would take a look at a pediatric textbook toward the very beginning at a chapter on the general, overall care of children. It should list some of the differences in the way child patients are treated as patients as compared to adult patients.

Also, take a look at what is going on in pediatric units if you have been in one, or better yet, do your interview with one of these pediatric nurses. You will see immediately that there are a few things about pediatric units that are different from adult nursing units. Distracting kids is one part of getting treatments done on pediatric nursing units. If you truly want the perspective of a nurse who works with adolescents, an adolescent psych facility may be the place to go for a look-see.


Specializes in Med/Surg and still learning!.

Thank you all so much. This suggestion does help very much.

Issues in treating adolescents:

1. Privacy issues.

2. Issues of indepencence vs dependence on parents.

3. Pregnancy, STDs, sexuality.

4. Alcohol and drugs.

5. Psychiatric disorders (depression, eating disorders, etc.)

Good luck,


I have worked in an adolescent ambulatory care clinic for the past 6 years, as an MA. I have TONS of experience working with teens and you are welcome to PM me.

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