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Hello Everyone,

im applying to the nursing program in spring 2017, so i wanted to know which college is better for the ADN program. The ones i have in mind are: San Jac, College of Mainland, Alvin, HCC, Lee college, & Lone Star? im not sure which one to apply? so far i heard horrible things about HCC but im not sure.

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Things to look into:

-Approval from the BON. Should be provided on the BON website

-Accreditation. The two bodies for nursing school accreditation are ACEN and CCNE

-NCLEX pass rates. Should be provided on the BON website

-Local reputation with health care facilities

-Rate of people who start the program and finish on time


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Alvin Community College has a fantastic nursing program and so do some of Lonestar's campuses, Montgomery and Cyfair especially. I'd stay away from Lonestar North Harris but they're all approved programs. If I recall correctly, ACC had the highest NCLEX pass rates out of all community colleges around here. I just applied to Lonestar Montgomery and they have a pretty nice looking campus too.


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HCC lost their accreditation and are no longer accepting new students. I suggest Lonestar or Alvin Community College.

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Evidence is better than opinions - HERE are NCLEX results for Tx RN schools over the last 5 years.