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Just starting to research schools that offer online ADN to BSN/MSN programs and was curious to hear of any recommendations. I will be graduating in May 2009 from an ADN program and am learning fast I must pursue my education. :o

I have looked at UMass Boston (ADN to BSN), not bad, just a little expensive (not a MA resident), Walden University (expensive but they offer a ADN to MSN in as little as 3 yrs), Florida State University (not sure what I think of this school).

I currenlty live in Florida and want to move back to Boston, but will have an extremely difficult time finding a job without at least a BSN.

Any information about those schools or any other ones would be greatly appreciated.


I am graduating with my ADN in 3 days!! Woo-HOO

So, I've been wondering the same thing ... Indiana Wesleyan has lots of online NSG programs, most people I know go to Wesleyan for online degree programs.

BUT, they have Bible classes that are a requirement, not too into that idea & it's a very expensive school 17K for ADN-BSN.

I would love to hear about a reasonably priced school, completely online for RN-BSN.

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University of Wyoming in Laramie offers a complete online RN-BSN and the school, esp the nursing program, has an excellent reputation. Plus last I checked they are the most affordable online program I could find. Now I've noticed that they've changed their website around and it looks like they've instituted a fee for online classes so I'm no longer sure if it adds up the same way but other schools that I have checked into their nursing classes are over $1,000 each and with U of W it could be about $600 now? Used to be only $94 a unit. I posted about it in a thread I think I titled "Cheapest online ADN-BSN" but not completely sure what I called it.

Really, if you are only looking at the online route from ADN to BSN then you could choose any school in the nation. University of Phoenix, National University and OSU are a few. Also Indiana State University has a distance learning Masters Degree as well as the ADN - BSN.

One day, when I had nothing better to do, I got on a website that listed all state Universites and just did my own check of nursing schools and the costs. That's where I came up with U of W info. (plus I wanted to be sure I got a "real" school LOL so that's why I only checked State Universities)

University of Las Vegas, Nevada you have to actually email them to find out the price. I would think it would be cheap with all that gambling money supporting the state but who knows. I checked Alaska thinking that would be waaaaay cheap because of all the money from oil drilling and was surprised to find out they were just as costly as other schools.

ok way more info than you asked for:chuckle

Hello: I did my Lpn-RN through Excelsior college in new york. They have also BSN/MSN.. on-line now. It wasn't when I did it graduated in 2005. I belong to a group: bsnstudygroup@yahoogroups.com ... check it out.. I am not actively going to school right now, but still belong. Lynnette, of the above group can tell you about the MSN.. Robin is almost done with her BSN. There is a gal on there also that atttends Thomas Edison Univ. Another option to check... A friend of mine is obtaining her BSN from Liberty Univ. based in VA... She loves it.. My sister-in-law attends as well.. She is almost done with her teaching degree.... Good luck to you..... Hope that you check out the group... They will be most helpful to you.... TAke care....


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The University of Wisconsin system has an online program...not sure about cost....

Several nurses I work with have gone through the University of Phoenix online...

Good luck in your search

I am currently attending University of Phoenix RN to BSN. A little expensive but seems to be a good education. I have 3 nursing classes left after the present. In this program you take one class at a time and have 5 week long classes except for clinical classes which are 7 weeks. With a busy lifestyle it works well for me.


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Anyone enrolled in Indiana Wesleyan RN-BSN program or Grand Canyon Rn- BSN program and their experience?


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Is anyone enrolled in the Grand Canyon University Rn-BSN online program and their thoughts? Thanks. I heard it was very intensive. Anyone enrolled.?

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In my area, MD, most universities with nursing programs have an ADN to BSN option. Not sure about Boston but around here ADNs have plenty of opportunities so imo getting my BSN is more about moving forward toward my MSN than getting work now. Good luck.


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I am from MASS and the RN-BSN programs require alot more prereq and electives and at Umass Amherst.....3 tests before you are admitted. Hope this helps...I think there are easier schools to get into out there.

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