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I got my LPN license the end of August and had about 6 interviews and no job yet. I am on "standby" at one place, but have an interview this week. Anyway, I had an interview several weeks ago for a job that I was very interested in and it paid well (weekend shift). Well, she called me back and said they hired someone with "some" experience. I have noticed that they keep putting their ad in the paper for a FT job. Should I call back to check on it? I'm thinking probably not since I'm sure they would have called me if they were interested. My "ex" may be right: I may be too laid-back in the interview, not appear motivated enough or possibly something in my references not coming back good. I don't know how to change my personality and talk more though if thats it. Plus the job is in another town. Its not that far away, but the other job I'm seeing about this week is in my town. I already know they don't pay as good, but I think I probably should take it even if it is prn. I just wanted some opinions of what may be going on.

I obsess about not hearing back from prospective employers. It's a waste of time and energy. Obviously they didn't want you and probably won't tell you the reason why because all employers are afraid of lawsuits. It is always worth a phone call or visit back to a place where you have applied just so you know that the answer really was "no" and someone didn't just misplace your application. It is a terrible breach of courtesy to refuse to inform people about the status of their employment applications. Years ago they would make the effort to send you a form letter in the mail. Now most of them are just plain rude. I do not accept the excuse that HR departments or individuals are too busy. They weren't too busy to place their ads or to take your application. JMHO


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I would call them back and ask them if they need any additional information and that you are still very interested in the position. Can't hurt. With my employer, we always have issues with Human Resources just not responding quickly enough. We've lost many exceptional candidates because HR was too slow. Give them a call. Good luck!

I would call and ask re: the status of the application.

Some nurse recruiters have reputations for not getting back to people.

Some times you need to be assertive and persistent.

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My interview was on a Friday and I actually called them back on a Tuesday of the next week. She called me back the next day and said they hired somebody else. I'm just thinking they lied to me, but I would like to know what the deal is-why I'm not getting offers.

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