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ACLS online

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Help! Does anyone know of a way to renew ACLS and/or BLS online? Thanks:nurse:

I dont' know, but i'd be interested in this as well!

have never done this renewal online but a lot of people I work with use acls.com to do this

You have to actually perform in code situations. Just had a look at ACLS.com. It lists dates and the place for their classes for ACLS.

It is impossible to do it on-line, at least in an approved AHA program. How would you use the defibrillator? Push a button at your home?

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These people claim to offer a computer based, AHA OK'd ACLS class. I had planned to sign up for it after Xmas and asked for info and got about three emails a day asking me when I was going to sign up, which put me off a little. I told them 'after the holidays' and they bugged me a few more times :) :).

I still may try it, as I really do need to take the class..

ACLS Online

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