I'm an LVN (Texas) in the Military. I want to attend a College in Springfield, Mo. to get an ADN. What accreditation is important?

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ACEN and CCNE are the two national bodies that provide nursing program accreditation. Both offer searches on their websites. The other recommendation I have is to verify that the program is also approved by the BON.

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Cox college in Springfield has both...that is why I went there!


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If you have any notion that you might want to further your education and career at some point in the future (and even if you currently don't, IMO), you'll want to be sure to attend a school that has regional general academic accreditation. Most of the proprietary schools that offer ADN programs have national academic accreditation (their own organization that only accredits proprietary tech/voc schools), and the credits from those schools often won't be accepted by (for lack of a better word) "regular" colleges and universities if you want to return to school in the future. You want to attend a school with the same general academic accreditation that the public community colleges and "regular" colleges and universities in your area have. Best wishes for your journey!