According to Google, I'm suffering from...

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According to Google I'm suffering from MENopause.

It seems everyone is paging Dr. Google for medical advice. Seeking answers to medical questions online is quick, easy, and convenient. Self-diagnosing is becoming common practice. BUT, MIS-diagnosing can lead to delayed and/or failure to seek treatment. Everyone using online information to make healthcare decisions should seek advice from their healthcare provider.

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I had a female resident in the SNF I used to work for who insisted after visiting Dr Google that she suffered from an enlarged prostate. Nobody could convince her otherwise.



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Oh man, this.  It is the newly diagnosed people I find who are the worst.  For instance Afib, and the need to start a blood thinner.  According to Google (they've usually searched while waiting for their ride at discharge) , blah blah blah they are going to get the side effects of said blood thinner.   So then we do more teaching before the ride comes, only to see them come back in with an MI, stroke or AFIB RVR because they never even got the prescription filled.  They usually say I felt fine, I didn't need it.  Thanks Dr. Google.