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Accepted!! What to do this summer in preparation


Even though they are not required, I am taking Pharmacology and Abnormal Psychology this summer to better prepare me for the long journey ahead: (> RN > BSN > Nurse Practitioner). Last semester I took Medical Terminology and Human Disease while I was stuck waiting for the application period to open.

What is everyone else doing? Any tips or advice?

If you got accepted to a program, they will have an orientation day. They will tell you everything you need for and before the program. Good luck.

SopranoKris, BSN, RN

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Congratulations on getting accepted! :up:

I'm still waiting for my letter to arrive. Hopefully, if accepted, I'll take courses towards the BSN this summer. The less I have to take after I finish my RN, the better!


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I would say relax. Once the program starts there will be no rest for the weary.

tenjuna, MSN

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^^^ This + 1

Trust me, enjoy the down time you have now, as you are not going to see much of it for a while. I typically get 5-7 days between modules (including summers) and that's been for the past 2 years, and still 1 more year to go. May not be like that where you are, but I certainly have learned when a break comes TAKE IT.

What to do in preparation? um lets see... sleep A LOT, spend lots of time with family and friends, enjoy the summer!