Accepted to nursing school!


I received a call from Baptist Nursing School and was accepted over the phone. They had just received my NET scores and said I scored exceptionally high! I hadn't even finished my application packet, because they don't offer much financial aid. She told me I qualified to have my first year paid for and made me promise to finish my packet! I start Aug 13!!!

thanks to you all for your support and encouragement!

Wendy :)

moni rn

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Congratulations, Wendy!!!!

Remember, I live in Memphis! :D

Please keep in touch! Plus, I have "inside" info on Baptist! ;)


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Good for relieves some pressure to have that help...I live in Fort Smith...few hours from you....good luck! :D


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Oh Wow! How exciting! Congratulations to you!


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Congratulations and welcome to the crazy world of student nursing!! If you need any help, just ask...most of us have been there or are there right now!!! :D


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Congrats on being accepted and having the first year paid for--that can be the most expensive what with all the books you have to buy to begin with and the uniforms for clinical. I know it is exciting for you. Good luck and have fun and learn a lot!


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Congrats!! That is such great news!! I was so happy when I heard I was accepted. :) GOod luck!!


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Congrats on your acceptance!!!

From another nursing student named Wendy :)


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Congrats to all!! I too was just accepted to a Nursing program yesterday!! Good Luck to all. That is great to get your first year paid for too!! :D


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Congratulations WendyS123!!! I too have been recently accepted into a Nursing Program. Good Luck!!!!! :)

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