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So, my ADN program starts in January and I was wondering if it would behoove me to get a few books and read ahead? I was thinking brushing up on my pre-reqs might not be a bad idea.... like Human Lifespan, micro and A&P. My only concern is that I might not need some of what I read but I figured it would help with familiarity. Any thoughts?

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I think that you should read the fundamentals book ahead of time. I did this and when school started, we were bombarded with 300 pages to read before the end of the week. Because I read ahead of time all I had to do was go back and review my notes and was able to pass the test with an 85%!!!

Another one of my friends who deferred her program for a year, spent that time also reading her fundamentals book and drug dose calculations. We are the top two students in the class and I think that it all because we read and studyed ahead of time.

Best of luck to you.

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Please enjoy yourself. I'm wraping up my last semester and I would kill for a break. Take one for me... :)

Thanks guys so much for the replies! Currently I am a stay at home mom so I have extra time to read. I was thinking maybe brushing up on the pre-reqs because I hear the instructors expect you to just know the stuff. I have always been a "take the bull by the horns" kinda gal so reading ahead just seemed a no-brainer. Plus my first BA degree was Poly-Sci so it was ALL reading ALL the time so I am used to it now. I think maybe breezing through a fundamentals book has to have some advantages.

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