Accepted to CRNA...should I finish Perfusion school?



I have just been accepted into CRNA school to start in May of 2012. I am currently in Perfusion school which is 50+ hrs a week, I have a 2yo, and I am still working 50% as a Nurse/ECMO specialist. Things are busy. I'm about 13 months into the Perfusion program which will end about a week before CRNA school starts :uhoh3: I'm wondering what any CRNA's out there think about this situation. Do you think it is worth while to finish Perfusion school? Or would you quit, work full time, and try and save as much money as possible before CRNA school starts? I would really like to finish, but I'm not sure if the experience I will gain will be very beneficial as a CRNA. Thoughts? Thanks.

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Good for you! A lot of people (including myself) are working hard to be in a situation similar to yours by gaining entrance into CRNA school. If CRNA is your goal, I say rest up so you don't get burned out. However, the choice is yours!

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If it was me, I would drop out. As long as it is not a credit course that would look bad on your transcript, it is unlikely that being a perfusionist would be of any benefit to you in anesthesia school. If you want to take some classes, I would recommend biochemistry or statistics. CRNA education is very difficult and there are no shortcuts. Probably the best advise is to read a lot of basic sciences, rest up, save some money, have some fun and get ready for the ride of your life.

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Do you want to be a perfusionist or a Nurse Anesthetist? Answer that and there is your question.

what is a perfusionist?

Late entry, I googled it.

I vote for finishing. You only have 7 months left? You can always go back to CRNA school. Work as a perfusionist for a bit, save some money and spend some time with the already have over half of the program finished.

Kuddos to you and best wishes.


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The only benefit I can see to finishing perfusion school is in the case you do not make it through anesthesia school, it would be a nice fall back job. I know most people getting into a program do not want to think about not making it, but in my current program, we've lost 20% and I'd say the class before us lost 15%. Good luck to you on whichever path you take and congrats on getting into CRNA school-


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Well, I think I'm going to finish. Figure I've put over a year into it so what's another 7 mo? Also, the situation is somewhat compounded by the fact that I got into CRNA school at the same university/OR I'm at for perfusion...don't want to burn any bridges, and maybe it will help me get a cardiac gig down the road. I'm not to concerned with not making it through school...the program has a