Acceptance to Nursing School: How did you find out? Email? Letter?


Cant' take the wait! Did anyone find out by an email that they were accepted? TIA!


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Letter and let me tell you the story!

I came home from class and just happened to mention to my fiancee " have you seen any letters from the college? I am still expecting my letter"

and he goes : oh yeah- one came's in the mail pile...errr it was right's uhhhhh"

It was, UH IN THE RECYCLING BIN where he chucked all the magazines.

I almost had a heart attack..and again when I opened it and saw I got in!

I received an email the other night stating I had been accepted into a BSN program. Very surprising to me to receive it via email but then again I know another college that won't communicate by phone only by email (very frustrating). I am relieved to know I will at least be going somewhere next year. Congrats to everyone else and best wishes to all still waiting to hear. I'm still waiting to hear from the direct entry MSN programs I applied to but one just sent me a card saying they are missing my transcript but didn't indicate which one (I have attended 3 colleges at various times).

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I received a letter. Since I was rejected 6 months earlier, I did not check my mail everyday and had expected it to come when the school had suggested it would come. Well, my letter came early and sat in my mailbox for a week before I actually knew it was here! :lol2:

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Letter from one school and phone call from another followed by a letter. I guess they all do it differently.


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Thanks you guys! Good luck to everyone!

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