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For those of you who have graduated from, or are still in, accelerated BSN programs, do you have any tips for making and maintaining really good grades?

I already know that after I earn the BSN I want to work in an ICU and eventually apply to nurse anesthetist school. I've been told to shoot for all A's in nursing school (SHOOT for )

I envy people that have 4.0 gpas. These are the kind of people anesthetist schools want. In such a fast paced program like an accelerated BSN, what strategies should I take to increase my chances of getting nearly all As?

Thanks for any advice.


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I'd like to know too! But I bet they are so busy studying they cannot reply! :)


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maybe this will help tooty!


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because i'd sure like to know myself!



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Anyone??? :) :) :)


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Well everyone, I think we got our answer on this one. The way to maintain good grades in an accelerated program is to use every moment to study and not spend your time on allnurses :chuckle

I wanted to give this one another bump too because I'm curious and I know eventually someone will see it and have time to reply. Hope everyones finals are going good!


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I'm near the end of an accelerated BSN right now (grad Aug 20) and my grades are good. I think time mgt is key as is learning how to deal w/normal, everyday life distractions. I'd be happy to share more down the road (or even if you have specific questions you'd like to email me) but I have ICU in the morning and I have a few more things I need to get through tonight :)

I hope this helps a little bit - I will still try to answer this better after I get through this week.

Take care,


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