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Abuse investigation

I was notified yesterday that my facility has started an internal investigation on me for reported abuse. A CNA reported me to the director of nurse for not medicating patients. I have been interviewed by the DON & HR. They told me they have to turn this over to the state DOH. They have done the chart review & states it looks like this patient does not c/o pain or has no pain issues. I was not suspended pending intestigaton. I only work with two CNAs & they have told me which CNA turned me in. I am not angry because I know in my heart I have done nothing wrong. I am feeling uncomfortable now having to work with this CNA. I have lost trust in her. I also now feel that if there is an issue with her work, she will say I am retaliating against her. Any thoughts or advice?

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Have you contacted an attorney?

I'd be pretty uncomfortable working with this CNA. I would think that having a witness to your interactions with her would be prudent.

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I'm not a lawyer...but I would think that if you are being investigated, it wouldn't be appropriate for you to be working with your accuser (conflict of interest, maybe?). I would ask to have a different CNA assigned because of that. Otherwise, have witnesses whenever you have to deal with her.

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Let the investigation run its course. Everyone has a job to do.

If there is any indication that the accusation is malicious and unfounded you may have legal recourse as Ruby has suggested.

Otherwise I would show strength of character knowing that there are those medications that are only to be given after an assessment and when deemed necessary by the responsible licensed professional other than, with all due respect, the insistence of the CNA.

After this is resolved hopefully an enlightened third party can bring you both together to voice your individual concerns and misgivings about the medication issue.

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Let me get this straight. You are not angry with someone that lied about your care, and has jeopardized you licensure? MANY people have "done nothing wrong"... but the accusations are enough to ruin their life.

You need to lawyer up STAT.. before this little chickie poo ruins your life. Ask yourself WHY she is trying to destroy you, follow your attorney's recommendations on working with her in the future.

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I would think working with this CNA, after making an allegation that warranted interviews/investigation by DON & DOH would be extremely awkward. I am wondering what she observed that she interpreted as you not medicating patients appropriately. Most CNA's, PCT's, any staff working with patients should recognize that the patient may have dementia, alzheimers, or simply be forgetful & would take anything they said with a grain of salt, until making the RN (team leader/whomever, aware of the patients statement. Especially if new, I could see that happening.

But I would be somewhat upset that this CNA did not casually mention to you "oh, Jane Doe in room 230 said she needs pain meds for her back" and then she could be educated this patient denied pain to you, is forgetting she just got it, etc.

Did they share with you the incident/s that this CNA is citing as you not medicating patients?

As always, if this progresses into court/lawsuit or the like, refrain from discussing online. I'll just have to settle for being curious.

Best of luck & hopefully things with this CNA will simply be a communication issue/not realizing the patient is confused or something simple, not her being out to get you.


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