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Hi everyone,

I have a question. I am a recent grad (12/08) My first job was at a small arts camp for at risk kids. We were associated with a larger, sister camp that had about 150 staff and campers. During the second session (third week) the sister camp had a girl come as a camper who was diabetic. She had been there before, managed her insulin well (though it ran a little high) and very much enjoyed camp. The nurse (who I will call B) said that she couldn't stay. The camp director over-rode this decision, as did the CEO of the organization that runs both camps. Upon hearing this, B said "I quit" and left in the middle of the registration process. The camp director had me fill in for B and my director had to get a replacement for me while I was taking her place. It took about a week for them to find a replacement and during that time (when I wasnt there) there was NO nurse. My question is wheather the other nurse (B) could have action taken on her license as she left 100+ staff members and kids with no adaquate replacement. There was a counselor trained as a wilderness EMT and the director was a certified first responder, however that is all they had for medical personel. I was there during the day but had to go back to my camp at night to do meds. I think she could and that the camp could take action against her license or otherwise, but as I said before, I am a new grad and don't know that much about this sort of thing.

Thanks in advance!


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If she left mid shift she could have been held responsible. But in many states camps are not required to hire an RN/LPN, and the EMT (scary as it sounds) may be all the medical staff that the camp was required to have. A complaint to the nursing board could have been filed, and the final decision would be up to them.

I work various camps, and have never left mid shift or mid week. But one camp told me I'd be charged with abandonment (where did they get that info from???) if I didn't stay another week as they has 2 diabetics arriving--I was never contracted to stay more than 2 weeks and my 2 weeks were up. So I pick up the phone and called a nursing registry and they said sure, they would be able to find an RN to work the camp the week the diabetics were there. I then informed the camp owner that there was RN coverage available, is all he had to do was call the nurses registry and pay the $1200 for the week. This camp was truly the camp from heck, and I have never been back!


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I went to camp in NJ and they only required an EMT.


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My job description said that my position could be filled by an EMT, however that is not the role she was functioning in. Thanks for the input guys!

I guess you need to ask a lawyer and/or the state BON.

Was any harm done?