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Has anyone gotten certified though here? Was it helpful?

I've just started as an MDS coordinator and will be trained by the regional manager for 3 days next week. There is also a 2nd MDS-C in the building if I have questions. But I'd like to learn all I can. I'd have to pay for it on my own. I also know that there are lots of videos on Youtube, so was wondering if the course would be worth it.


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I have ben an MDS coordinator for several years and just recently completed the AANAC course. I did find it informative and I think I would have really benefited from it earlier in my career as well, so I would say ...go for it!!!!

I've been AANAC certified since 2006. And a site member since 2010. It's extremely beneficial. The course is thorough and I recommend attending the in-person three day workshop if you can. A live teacher there to answer questions and a room full of peers really helped me through. The tests are not difficult if you can study, and take good notes. The resources available through the list serve and website are phenomenal. Experts from across the nation will be there to help you. Good luck!

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