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In the interest of balance, given my freely expressed views elsewhere on the topic of cellphones, It occurred to me that the manufacturers have, in spite of causing me suffering through having to listen to other people's shouted, no-brain conversations in public places, done myself, and my fellow males, a huge favour. From now on, with head high, any man with a cellphone can confidently brag over a beer "I bet mine's smaller than yours!"

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My cell phone is about 5 years old, and doesn't hide in the palm of my hand as it is a bit too big. My daughter's one favorable comment about mine is that "at least your cell phone is big enough that you don't look like an idiot walking down the street talking to yourself while holding your ear!"

Pardon me but are you aware that people using Cell Phones in their Auto's are killing themselves as well as killing others??? also complete statistical not available, according to Police believe cell phones are worse than alcohol when added to the task of Driving your car. Several stats do jump out at you though, #1 what kind of conversations are Cellies having? Statisticly 70% of these conversations are of a trivial nature. #2 The last I heard, 26 states are in the process of enacting legislation to restrict usage

while driving.:eek: So far I've had two Cellies literally run me off I-75 onto the breakdown lane, ahem no breakdown Lane I'm probably not here to respond to this silliness. Another thing I resent is this, I don't care to hear your most intimate conversations with whomever you are professing undying Love for, while I'm standing in any line. It's sorta like "second hand" smoke to me.:( I am here to say that I believe that cell Phones in my opinion are Mostly not necessary, exception; emergencies and business even then no one should be doing Business at 85-90MPH on any road at any time:eek: Think about it;)

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Jay,the only reason I have a cell phone is that the hospital was offering a special deal several years ago because at that time research showed that medical personnel were more willing to call for help in emergencies with cell phones than the general public; and my husband did not like the idea of me being stranded somewhere in my frequent trips back and forth up to my hometown. I use it for emergencies only, and let my kids use it if they are going out of town or to unfamiliar areas of the city wher they may get lost. I pay $.14/minute, and often only have bills of $5.00 or less (for the connection fee or whatever). I also hate it when people drive and talk on the phone, and really get upset with listening to someone else's intimate garbage conversations. But this is the humor site, and I was responding appropriately to a humorous posting.

Jenny P

Jenny, I'm sorry if I responded Inappropriately to a humorous site, problem is I see absolutely no humor in them. They are more of a "Bone of Contention" than anything else(My Opinion) I agree with your right to carry one for "Emergencies" but when that "Right" is Mutated into "Hey Fred, I love you darling, I'll be home in about ten minutes, there is when I perceive a Big problem:eek: I believe that the solution is to have "Pull Off" Lanes added to all roads so that the 70% non essential callers can waste their time, if they so choose, without endangering the rest of us:cool:? I think this would A) Bring that "unneccessary usage" Stat, way down, and B) protect the rights of the innocent.

Just to be fair, I am well aware that there other distractions, that divert our attention, while driving, Drivers eat food, put on make-up, change radio stations, look for the ash tray, talk to backseat passengers etc. etc. I could list many more but I am sure you get the point ;) And I just wanted to say how much I enjoy your Posts, even though we certainly don't see "Eye to Eye" on many issues. I like your Style:cool: I am also very proud of the way the MNA is handling their Issues, Georgia's Assoc. isn't pro-active as far as I'm concerned(Old South Mentality) I Guess? :o

I am a community nurse, and spend a good part of my day driving in my car. My cell phone is a very necessary part of my job. Most conversations are limited to: "Hi, it's your nurse calling, I'll be there in 15 minutes."

I am, however guilty of talking while driving, eating while driving, even checking my street guide while driving....

Recently, I had a police officer as a patient, and we got into a conversation about this. "Eating while driving?" he said. "You're probably talking a sandwich, right? Well, I'm talking Swiss Chalet chicken with all the fixings!"

He also confessed to occasionally going down the highway at Warp 9 (in pursuit of someone) while talking on his car radio AND searching for info on his onboard computer!!

I have the above info carefully filed away in my memory in case I ever get pulled over by a cop for chatting on my cell phone while driving!


While on this subject---

I'm tempted to put a sign up in my peds clinic informing parents to shut their phones off while in the clinic. One of our doctors had to go off in search of a parent who needed to leave and go outside during her child's visit to take a call because the reception was poor inside. Give me a break!!!

I have a cell phone but just have it for emergencies, or for my husband to reach me (San Antonio is a big city-it's better he be able to call and tell me to bring something home rather than have to waste time and gas later to get it, plus the safety factor) Don't think I've ever had a conversation for more than about 3 minutes on one.

I got rid of my cell-phone. It made me too accessible. There are some times you want to just get away without ANOTHER soul knowing where you are.

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