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so i will be completing my NA soon getting ready for my 40hr clinical and then to my state boards. I just have a few questions on where people think that i might get the best experience? I am aware that most of the first jobs that i will find will be in a LTC but i am looking to getting a job at a hospital if possible. Although most hospitals are looking for 6 months to a years worth of experience in a acute care facility. So how do i get experience in acute care if i cant get a job in a hospital?

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They usually require one year experience in LTC setting here in SoCal. But it never hurts to apply anyways!

Poi Dog

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I say go for broke and apply wherever you can.

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You may have to pay your dues in LTC before you can get a job elsewhere.

I agree with Poi. Just go for it and apply anywhere and see what happens, but take an LTC job if you can get it.


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I say apply everywhere, and when you do your clinicals do your damdest to impress your preceptors. Apply there as well as you are familiar with it. (casual chat.... dont straight up ask). Also, see if your instructor will be a reference. They likely talk with the unit managers and as such if you apply, they will probably ask your instructor about you. It might not be the best job, but its experience.

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Thank you i think I am just going to apply everywhere. Nothing to lose! thank you for the advice!


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Thats the best. Apply everywhere. I had two job offers at once when i was new. And even tho i'm working FT now, I'm still applying at hospitals. Don't burn bridges either. If you get offered a job, take it. If something better comes up, finish up with place #1's training and stay on as PRN. Foots in doors, networking, and experience are your friends. If you're great at your job, people will notice and offer you jobs you never knew existed or applied for. It's happened to me but i declined it. Amazing how many people in LTC have family that work in the medical field.

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My instructor was my number one reference!!

However, a good piece of advice is volunteer where you want to work. Go in and tell them you will volunteer for free and if they like you ask them to give you a trial run for a job. Persistance and vigor are good qualities to have.


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Apply everywhere and to every job. I just got a job as a nursing assistant at a hospital with no prior experience. My manager said she prefers hiring people with no experience because she can train them the way she wants to; she's been the manager on the floor for 32 years so she knows a thing or two. :-) Make sure your resume is perfect with NO grammar mistakes and write a killer cover letter. I started applying in late September and my first day is Monday (11/21). I started getting discouraged around the first of November but then I got two phone calls around the 5th, had two interviews, and took the second job I interviewed for. And when it rains it pours; since I accepted my current position I've received two more requests for interviews. Network Network Network. When I got a call from the job I accepted, I knew a girl who worked at this particular hospital, and I sent her an email to see if she knew anything about this floor. As it turns out, in a 2,000 plus bed hospital, it was the SAME floor she worked on. She instantly sent her manager an email and that was my golden ticket.

Hospitals process applications much slower so if you can hold out for a hospital job, I would highly recommend it. Especially if you plan on going to nursing school. My manager has already said she will work around my nursing school schedule (I'll start next summer). Hang in there--something will work out! Patience isn't my greatest virtue, but now that I have this job I'm thankful I held out for it. :-)


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Oh and ironically, I NEVER received a call to interview at a LTC facility.