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About how long does it take to take the pre-reqs needed to enter a nursing program? Particularly if I were interested in taking this classes maybe two at a time...how long should I plan on taking the pre reqs alone?


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2 classes at a time, I would say 1.5-2 years unless you do summer classes. 1 year is highly possible (including summer session) if you plan accordingly. This is all in respect to applying for a BSN program.

It depends on your school's requirements. Some programs will require chemistry, microbiology, etc. and others won't. Your best bet is to check the school's website because sometimes they have the admission requirements listed, or even better...go to the college and speak with an admissions counselor so that you can get a better idea of what pre-reqs are needed. I wish you the best of luck!!


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I agree that it would depend on your school's requirements. Some schools require less classes than others, and some require more. If you're going to take the prerequisites 2 classes at a time, for most schools this will take about 2-3 years. I took them 2-3 at a time (one semester I even took 4 or 5 classes) and took some summer classes and it took me 3 years.


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Nursing pre-reqs wont take you 2-3 years...at most it takes 1.5 years


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It depends on if you are going for a BSN or ADN. ADN it should only take like 2 semseters 3 at most BSN maybe 2yrs but I would continue through the summer sessions as well. Good luck......I have 1 more pre req to go


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it depends how much time you have and what classes you need to get into the program you want. I need to take 5 classes to apply to the programs that I am interested in. I am giving myself a year starting this fall to complete them. I will do 2 this fall, one in the spring and 2 in the summer.


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It depends on the school you are applying for. If you take 2 classes per sememster it should be between 1 and 1 1/2 years, now my advicego slow because is a lot and you have to be careful with your grades.

Good luck !!!! :up:


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I took 2 classes per semester and it took a year......but I already had a Bachelor's degree in EE so my math, psych, elect, and chemistry were already taken care of. I had to take ENC1101 because they would have only given me "C" in points for the CLEP I passed back in 1979....


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Every nursing program is different, most all the programs want different prereqs - some want nutrition, others want chem, and a few others want stats but not nutrition or chem and then there are those that want everything plus madness like philosophy ... :eek: ... some even want the GRE ... your head spins just keeping track of who wants you to take what! But at least A&P 1 & 2 and microbiology are more than likely required anywhere - best to start with those and then figure out what other classes your programs need.

It also depends on if you already have a degree or not. I have a BS in CJ and was premed during most of my undergrad so I had taken the majority of the sciences (bio/chem/physics) already or I had AP credit/CLEP credit. I only have A&P 2 and Micro to take, andto retake abnormal psychology (since I took it over 5 years ago) and that's getting done in 2 semesters.

If you're starting fresh, I'd agree with the 3 semesters to finish them.

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