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Is it right you should have to work a 14 hr shift the day after you finish nights? I finish my nights x3 on monday morning and i'm on the off duty to do a 14 hr shift on tuesday. I have had different responses to this question but is there anything saying what the gap should be before commencing day shifts after nights. If there is i would like to show my ward manager.


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Standard here is at least 8 hours off between shifts, but otherwise nothing set. What a horrible schedule you have...are y'all that short or does your supervisor not like you?


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we are really short staffed but our ward manager doesnt look at our off duty for week before. All she is concerned with is having the shift covered. I am migraine sufferer and get them when i'm very tired. I told her this but no reaction.

I am newly qualified and so shocked in how nurses hours are. it wasn't like this when i was a student. I now know why nurses leave the profession. Next year i hope to leave the hospital setting and go into community.


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Thats horrible!...I think there should be 12 off for coming off nights that are 12 hours to begin with!!! 8 hours is needed just for sleep alone! the other 4 hours for getting home, having a shower, getting or making something to eat, seeing your family or partner, stopping to get gas for your car or catch the bus and getting back to work. sheeeesh! Sometimes the thought of being a nurse is scary!


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is common practice in the nhs im afraid.........the joys of being qualified instead of a student. could u swap the shift with someone else?


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it may be common practice but patients safety and care is at risk. i work on a busy childrens ward and its a fantastic place to be but i want to carry out my best on every shift i do but when im so tired i sometimes feel i could do better and i worry incase i miss something out


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The gap is only what you will accept as acceptable. You are the CEO of your enterprise and your career. Being new is no excuse for them to burn you out. You will learn soon that until you stand up for yourself you will just have to endure the punishment that you allow them to dish out.

I learned early on when (working in surgery) . I was scheduled to work 8 hours on friday and ended up with call Fri. Night, Saturday 24h, and sunday 24h. It turned out that because of emergencies I worked straight from fri morning until sunday at 2pm. I trashed the whole OR as i used every room available. I had no help. This was my epiphany. So my advice is to do what I did , GET A BACKBONE AND "JUST SAY NO".

Horrible hours. Will make you sick and then who will take care of the filling the holes in staffing? Don't know of studies but will try to look some up for you.


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"we are really short staffed "

No wonder.


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Thanks purplemania really appreciate it. Hope you are ok, will email you soon. Angie


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Thanks for that advice but i do stand up for myself. Today i was supposed to be working and i have refused as it my birthday tomorrow and i am going out tonight. As new to ward you do tend to do what your asked to do, but i have 'found my feet' and i am begining to become more confident. As far as the hours we do i just need to find something that says we cant do too many hours. My ward manager says 'you came into nursing knowing what the hours are' Yes i did but not to be worked into the ground. I told my manager to review my shifts as im not doing the days she is putting me down for. Guess what? i have got the days i requested for the next 2 weeks. hope she keeps it up! :)


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Here the minimum time between shifts is 8 hours, but it seems common sense has not prevailed in your case

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