A new watch??


I have a very nice watch with a second-hand that I wear everyday, but I'm thinking that I would rather get something that is maybe not so nice and probably water-proof for use when I'm doing my clinical rotations. Any suggestions??


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I use a clip-on that i put either on my pocket or stethoscope. I used to wear one on my wrist but ended up scratching a pt with it, so now I'm paranoid. it wasn't even a "pointy, big one", but elderly have such fragile skin. I picked up my little clip one at the local scrub store for $12.


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You definately want water resistant and one with an expandable band is nice when you have to push it up to scrub your hands :)

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I don't like wearing a wrist watches @ work--I have a "lapel" watch. Same thing as pharmgirl mentioned--I don't want to scratch one of my babies, and I don't want to wash "around" my watch.

Just something to consider...

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I got a lapel watch also. I haven't used it yet, but from what I've read they are pretty handy and harbor less "gunk" than a wrist watch. I ordered mine from Lydia's or allheart...can't remember, but I think it was one of those websites.

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I like wrist watches just cause, well I have always liked them. I brokedown and bought some $10 one at walmart for clinicals. I didnt dare ruin one of my good ones.

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