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A good problem, but still a problem??


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OK, so I know this problem is along the same lines of my wallet doesn't fit all my $100's and my diamond shoes are to tight, but it is still causing me to lose sleep. So please don't get mad at me.

Ok, so here it goes. I am a ng in an ALF for a year in non nurse role, and now as a nurse since grad. Well there have been a lot of changes and I don't feel I wish to continue with that place so have be they are out. I've had some interviews and now three job offers. One wants me to come in to shadow, but based on location they are out. The next is not in the area I love, but like and I know is a good place to work. The last place I would float between a few areas, one of witch is my passion, and where I would get most hours. They pay well, I know the staff, it is for a great organization, as close to a dream job as I think I would get. However they have not offered me anything official, but said the will offer it. She called me last week to tell me I will have an official offer with in a week. I feel awful starting at the first, for what one or two weeks? Only to waste there time and money on me. But if I say no and the other place has a hiring freeze then I'm back to where I started.

I am thinking of calling them and telling them I have another job offer and would appreciate something more official??? or is that a bad idea?


I would recommend asking the place you really want to work at if they can give you an official offer. Let them know just how interested you are. I wouldn't recommend 'burning any bridges' with option 2 by starting and quitting within a few weeks. Good luck!

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What OhioRN2011 said.

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It would be appropriate to call option 3. You can tell them "I have had another offer but would very much prefer to work at your facility. I wanted to clarify because I really would not want to have to tell you that I had already accepted another offer if you were to offer me a position."

As a travel nurse I have done this on several occasions and it generally works to get a concrete answer.