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I'm not sure if anyone has asked this :uhoh21: but has anyone ever take chemistry and A&P during the same semester? i waited to take all my sciences last and now i have to take them at the same time. Will i become confused with the two similar classes? will it be an over load? how is Micro-Biology should i take that with chemistry instead? I just want to know if anyone has experiance takeing multi sci classes. :confused:

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From what I have heard, micro is harder than A&P, and I know alot of people who take A&P along with micro. I think it can be done. It may actually helo when you work on the acid/base, metabolism portion.


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I'm in the same boat as you. I'll be joining up all my Bio and Chem classes together. But they are my focus! Here's to a WHOLE LOT of studying :)


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I took Chem and A&P together and it is doable!


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OK let me try to clear somethings out for you.

I am taking organic chemistry now.

General chemistry & Organic Chemistry and A & P and Microbio are totally different.

These classes require a lot of memory when ranked from the class that requires the most memory they range from A & P > Microbiology > Organic Chemistry > general chemistry.

Then you have one section in A & P and Microbiology that are common which is the immune system, other then that they go into their own worlds of details.

Organic chemistry builds the fundamental basis for General chemistry. The only thing these two have in common is lewis dot structure and the rest of the work are nothing a like. So, the question is can you take chm micro and A&P together? ofcourse you can because they are not related what so ever in my opinion. In micro you deal with anaerobics and in A & P you build on to the Aerobic process you learned in General Biology, and the laps are totally different as well.

There are secret strategies to getting good grades in these classes, which you'll find most premed and pharm students use. 1. micro and A & P teachers will tell you what they want you to know, and all you do is memorize them.

Then Chemistry don't memorize everything, unless your teacher says so, you need to ask your teacher whether something needs to be memorize or allowed to use a note card. In chemistry your best bet is to understand if you don't you will simply fail. That's chemistry you need to understand how not to only get there but how to get back and know everything that was on the way. That's why chemistry is a bit confusing because it could require memory and concepts and math.

I can also help with your chemistry homeworks if you have questions.



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I am glad to see this thread. I am a pre-nursing student that is actually submitting an application to the nursing program but fully expecting to not get accepted because I do not have all my classes completed. The primary reason I am doing it is because I will have a transcript audit along with the application... in other words my current college transcripts and my high school transcripts would be reviewed to see my standing.

I was really glad that I did this because I then found out that my college never got my H.S. transcripts. The nursing program requires algebra, bio, and chem either at the college level or for you to have had a year of them in high school maintaining at least a "C" average. I have not taken college chem but did take pre-calc in college... but I *still* have to prove the algebra class :eek: . Thankfully I was able to walk into my school and get my transcripts plus review them before they were sealed to make sure that my grades were correct. My college will get the finial say in if I have to take chem or not but it does not look like I will. :roll

Up until yesterday I was trying to figure out how to fit chem into my schedule.. (I have the summer and fall semester to complete remaining classes before re-applying next year...) I had the room for the chem credits but did not know where to put them. I was told by two nurses last week that if I had to take chem though to take it with micro. They said that they tend to use more of the information they learned in A&P on an everyday basis than what they learned in micro... therefore they wanted to devote the semester to only one lab science...

Good Luck!!!


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I don't think you'll get the info mixed up. Anyway, get used to taking hard classes together now so you won't be so shocked once you start a nursing program!


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I'm taking A&P2 and Chem right now along with two other classes. It's doable, but very time-consuming.


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I am taking chem 130, A & P, math 120, an dneglish 101. The only reason it's so overwhelming for me is I have 2 kids, and one is a toddler. It's hard to find study time and attempt a social life on top of school (Fri and Sat are my nights!) But if you are structured and have good memory, it is doable. Take advantage of any tutoring your school may offer. Especially for chem. My tutor saved me from an F to a B!


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I think that you can take both classes at the same time; But why add all that stress if you don't have to? If you believe that Chem will give you a problem, take it with easier coarses, because it is very very time consuming. Chemistry will require as much memory as AP, and other sciences. I currently have a C in inorganic that I'm struggling to maintain. I am also taking AP, Psych, and Calculus, all of which I have A's. I plan to drop chem and try it again once I've completed all the other sciences and pre reqs so that I do not risk having C's.

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