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A&P 1


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How hard is it?


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There are so many threads on this topic. You can search for them on this site, but the answer really depends on the person you ask as well as your strengths/weaknesses as a student.

I think a lot depends on the teacher. I took it online recently (w/a lab component) and it was hard, mostly because it was online and you really had to be motivated. Our teacher did not give us any idea of what we needed to know for our exams so I basically tried to memorize everything, which is impossible. I got a high b and I think I could have gotten an a if I applied myself more but it was so time consuming. This semester I'm taking my second semester A&P at my local community college. Some professors here have a reputation for being extremely difficult, others are lax. So it depends on who you get. Someone told me that one prof gave multiple choice questions with only 2 possible answers to choose from! My exams were fill in the blank or multiple choice but we had like 14 possible answers w/the multiple choice questions.

The concepts aren't hard but it's just a lot of information to cover. As long as you put in the time and study you should be fine. My best advice is to get some muscle/skeleton anatomy apps for your phone. (if you have an android, iphone, kindle fire or Ipad there are some good anatomy apps available)

It genuinely depends on you as a student. I took it and got an A...but I like science, studied my butt off, and didn't ever let myself get behind or miss a class. It is definitely the kind of class where your grade reflects the effort you put in. We had tons of prelabs, connect exercises, quizzes every lab, take home exams, and lots of in class group stuff during lecture... I found that most people did well if they put in the work, but for the people who let themselves get behind it was almost impossible for them to catch back up and do well.

How much do you want to pass? That is he real question. If you really want it, you will make it happen.

I studied with a group and by myself. Also the book I had for the class had a great interactive CD that went with it. If there is a studying lab or your instructor has office hours take advantage of it. Immerse yourself in the topic and it will become second nature.

The material isn't hard--it's the volume of material being thrown at you that is challenging. Each school is different, but lecture was physiology and lab was anatomy for me. I aced physiology with minimal studying, but lab was a rough. It's all visual learning, which I'm bad at, and we were expected to memorize hundreds of structures, but would only be tested on thirty.Everyone is different though, and every school is different. Just expect to devote most of your study time to A&P the semester you take it, and start studying early in to keep ahead.

I found A&P 1 to be my easiest course yet. It really depends what your strong points are. I went in terrified & quickly realized that it was not nearly as hard as it's made out to be.

I found in order for me hardest to easiest



A&p 1

A&p 2

A&p 1 tons if pure memorization, if your visual this is you class to shine.