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A&P 1 with microbiology


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Next semester I have to A&P 1 and college algebra to be able to apply for the nursing program in May to be accepted in fall 2015.

Do you think it will be too much to take those two courses with microbiology? Or am I over my head. Lol I actually love sciences classes and I took A&P honors in high school and got all As but that was 12 years ago. But I will have a whole month before start the spring semester starts so I can brush on A&P. I am now taking biology so microbiology shouldn't be that hard right? Lol

Or should I take those two courses with nutrition and humanities class?

In the summer I wanted to take A&P 2 with probably nutrition. so I can be done before going into nursing school. I don't want to take two science courses in the summer.

I'm contemplating taking A&P 2 with micro next semester because I really want to be done with my science courses before I *hopefully * start the nursing program next spring. I too enjoyed sciences during high school and it was 9 years ago. I will say that despite having a part time job and 2 young children under 4 I got the highest score in my A &P class on our first pop quiz. So it depends on how well you learn and if you have other responsibilities that you can manage successfully

College algebra and a and p I is doable. Adding in micro will require you to manage your time even more. Can you commit yourself to studying a lot everyday ? A and p and micro are somewhat challenging courses and throw them together needs a lot of time commitment. You must work hard in two semi hard classes and the math. if you can manage your time well and don't have extra commitments, I say yes go for it. but I've read from some people do have young ones and can still do well. Study hard and often for those courses. Micro requires some hours of lab time so don't skimp out early. if you can get into all three that's great. A. Lice recorder will be helpful for your notes.

good luck I'm whatever you choose to do ;)

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Good day, MamiLuv:

I took Microbiology with AP2; if you are going to combine Microbiology with another science, ap2 is the way to go. Why? If your college teaches Microbiology like my college, there will be an assumption, you KNOW AP1 and know it well. Now, add on that most math has a lot of homework and two sciences with labs involves a lot of study time (I spent around 36 to 48 hours per week on just AP2 and Microbiology), I would not recommend AP1, college algebra and Microbiology. I'm not stating it cannot be done; but it may hurt your GPA if you don't do extremely well in them.

Thank you.

I took A&P I with Micro and intro to psych as well as Lit in one semester -- all As.. it can be done.. but it is a challenge.


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Thanks for the advice. I am going to really reconsider it. I didn't want to take two science classes this summer but I might consider it. I actually have a friend who has the microbiology book. I'm going to glance through it and see how I feel about it.

I do have two kids. One goes to school mon-fri and the other goes part time mon,wed & fri. So I have some time to study and even that my husband can care for kids while I study. He knows how important this is to me.

I'm taking micro, human anatomy, eng, and psych very tiring but it will be worth it right?

I'm taking micro, human anatomy, eng, and psych very tiring but it will be worth it right?

all the intriguing classes in one bunch! you are busy busy busy I presume. Study hard and read often.

Rock on :geek:

In my personal opinion, Microbiology is about ten times easier than A&P. I think that would definitely be doable as long as you manage your time effectively.


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I am taking Anatomy (Physiology is a separate course at my college), Nutrition (super easy) and Micro all right now, and its very do-able in my opinion.