A&P I I got a C!!!!!! :-( :-(

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So I am a second time degree student going for nursing. MY first time taking A&P this last semester I worked SOOOOOO Hard and Studied soooo much, but i got a C! I cried for a long time that day in disbelief! My teacher was one of those ones who's tests are worded funny and I also have a small bit of test anxiety. I am taking A&P 2 this semester in the summer, and I am hoping to try and get an "A" to balance out the "C" which sounds crazy because how am I going to be able to get an "A" in a shorter term with mroe difficult material??? So Im feeling a little down because I know that C's are not the best way for me to get accepted into a program, seeing as though Im competing with people who have A's and B's

Any words of wisdom or advice on how I can rebound from this.. I was at a 2.92, now Im at a 2.5 :( So I need that GPA to get in the 3.0 range.

HELP! :cry::cry:


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This is my 2nd. degree as well. I was doing well untill A&P II - I got a C. Even though my GPA was a 3.2, I still have to retake it. Most of the schools that I've applied to tell me that C is bringing down my science GPA. It's the only C in all of my prereqs, but I have to retake it and move on. Good luck!


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You can try to retake it, if your school allows, for a higher grade. Usually that higher grade replaces the one on your gpa but stays on your transcript. Don't get discouraged! Continue to work hard! You can do it!


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I know how it feels to work your but off and still not get an A.

As for advice-

From the OP I get that you think it was the tricky tests that brought your grade down. That can happen to anyone. Some of us are just not test takers. If you feel that you actually did absorb the knowledge, that the tests just tripped you up, i'd say go ahead and take a&p 2, but with a different instructor. Maybe it was the instructors test style that gave you problems.

If you feel like you didn't absorb the infomation then i'd retake a&p 1.

Good luck!


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I'm also taking A & P II this summer (4 weeks long) at a school here in Georgia. We can help each other through it. I'm nervous about taking A & P II in such a short time span when the normal semester is 16 weeks but I know we can both do this. We'll put in the work and come out of this with 'A's. :yeah:

In my school if you take something again, the bad grade will go away......so ask about it, you might not have to worry about your previous "C" if you do better next time. Good luck!!

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