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I have a 2 part question.

I'm enrolled for classes this coming fall and am wondering what the general consensus was on taking A&P or Human Anatomy with other classes. Currently I am enrolled in the A&P class as a second choice to Human Anatomy because the classes filled up quickly. Is A&P a good choice as a prerequisite for a BSN program in the Midwest? or just a waste of time when time is essential.



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I was under the impression the A&P is a required pre-requisites to most nursing programs. I think your answer is specific to the nursing program(s) you plan on applying to, what are THEIR prerequisites?


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The college I'm attending offers an A&P combined class. I should have been more specific, sorry. Their combined class transfers to THEIR ADN program, but not ALL BSN programs in the area. If I take the A&P combined I may have to take Human Anatomy and Physiology separate depending on which BSN program I enter. Wondering if anyone has ran into this before.



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You must check the prereqs that are required on the school's website. I would think that most if not all nursing programs require anatomy , physiology as a requirement. I think it depends on the school and how its set up. In my area I haven't seen a combined course of anatomy and physiology. They were separated and I took it that way. As long as you complete the whole course and get a good grade, shouldn't you be fine?


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The question I think you need to ask yourself is what are your goals? Are you just planning on getting your ADN and stopping there, or do you plan on getting your BSN. If you are planning on getting your BSN, you will probably want to keep in mind which schools you are planning on doing that at and what type of requirements they may have. Talking with your advisor at your current school would be a good so that you can make choices on the classes that you take that you need for your current program, along with preparing yourself for your further education. Here in Michigan I have seen the anatomy and physiology classes set up in two different ways, either as a separate anatomy and physiology class such as what is offered at my school or at other community colleges they do an A&P class that is a two part in which from my understanding anatomy is covered in the semester and physiology the second semester. The important thing is to make sure that what ever class you decide to take that it will count toward the program that you will be doing.


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This truly depends on where you live and the requirements of the programs in your area. Where I live, anatomy and physio are not taken together, and are separate. I have a friend that took a combined course and now has to retake for a BSN program.

I would look at the programs you are interested in and go with the courses that will transfer to all, and not some. Since the BSN programs in your area require that they are two separate classes, I'd lean heavily on following those requirements.


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Anatomy and physiology ARE often combined; they are referred to as A&P I and A&P II. Two parts to the course, but both the A and P run concurrently. Not one semester, but two.

Bottom line for the OP is to find out what requirements you are likely to see in your future.....and bearing that in mind, would personally suggest you NOT do 'just' a Human Anatomy course. The physiology part is crucial for nursing.


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Just want to say thanks for everyone's insight.

Barb-H & GoodnessFlows since attaining my BSN and continuing my education after paying some dues is my end goal; I agree that taking the classes separate is my best option. I enrolled in the A&P (combined class) because the stand alone classes were full for the time being. I'm continually checking for dropouts in hopes to snag a spot. If I'm I'm unable to I may have to swap it with a different science course. I think I was ill advised by one of the counselors, I'm making a second appointment for next week.

Thanks again