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When you thought it was patients you needed to watch...

I can't even wrap my head around this one. Anesthesiologist Charged In Strangulation Of Nurse << CBS Denver

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I forgot to return blood to the bloodbank

So Im a new nurse working on L&D and about 1 month off of my two month orientation. I had a patient who was transferred from the antepartum unit due to placenta previa with active bleeding. When I...

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Is this appropriate?

We were directed to call our patients from home if the weather caused a closing or delay. We all felt uncomfortable in doing so, however, we were told it was fine. Also we could just *67to block our...

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Ugh...feel so inadequate sometimes

Kid hurt his wrist yesterday at recess. I honestly thought it was fine. Minimal, if any, swelling. Good ROM without signs of discomfort. Did not seem tender to palpation. And he was using his...

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RN student DUI

Currently second year nursing student, pulled over during my first year of the program (There is not a day I don't regret it). Will have court this month. Can anyone have any advice/suggestions? Have...

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RN's are you happy with your career, why or why not?

I've seen so many posts about nurses hating their jobs, and this is kind of scaring me from the career, but I still want to go through with it. But are you happy with your choice to become an RN why...

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Incorrect waste amount of medication documented in pyxis

Hi all. So last night I was wasting a narcotic with another nurse. I was rushing to go through the prompts on the Pyxis. I think I may have accidentally put in th wrong amount of medication that was...

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2.9 GPA Help me get into CRNA school

I currently have a 2.9 GPA totally messed up with my first degree. I am coming up on 1 year MICU experience at a level 1 trauma center. Soon as I am eligible I plan to take CCRN, get trained for...

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Suboxone treatment clinics

Hello fellow NP's working in drug addiction, Im currently working in mental health at a recovery center. This is a part time job I mostly treat patients for anxiety, depression, adhd. The Pt...

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Legalized Marijuana on your Unit?

I am curious if anyone has encountered any legalized marijuana on your unit? Vapes, edibles, whatever else people use now. Do you have any policies on it? Interesting stories? I am surprised I have...

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Lack of Manners

I was sitting here at my desk and a second grader walks in (without knocking) and shoves her arm in my face and just says "Rash"! Then just stands there staring at me. :no: I politely asked her...

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Nurse Beth
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Nurse Beth

New Grad Terrified of Choosing Wrong Job

Dear Nurse Beth, I need your help! I am a nursing student graduating in December 2018. I applied to February nurse residencies and didn't get my dream hospital or field. I have two options left...

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"He just wanted to know..."

So here is the situation. I work as a private practice NP Internal Medicine provider in the same medical center where I started as RN years ago. A some time ago, I stopped sharing ANY private...

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Facing a dilemma! Help!?

I am 26 y.o. I graduated with my ADN in 2017 and got my BSN at a seperate program in May 2018. After graduating from ADN program I found a laser hair removal job and I loved it. I was working there...

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Employer used my photo without my permission on social media

My nursing supervisor approached me today to show me a photo that had been posted by my employers twitter account. The photo is of me doing a procedure on a patient while at the same time promoting...

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Enjoy your Thanksgiving

The air quality has gotten bad enough that our district is closing tomorrow and next week we are on Thanksgiving break. I wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving to all of you, enjoy your family and friends...

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Screening incentives for MS and HS

I will be conducting vision and hearing tests on my MS and HS students. They are too big now for stickers. Any ideas on what I can give them ? Theres only 30 students so I don't mind spending my own...

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opiates are not for all pains

Hi all, I am a primary care NP, working with 2 MDs and 2 other NPs. Recently, I had a 90 years old patient, who has post herpetic neuralgia, had shingles 2 years ago. She has h/o diabetes,...

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Most valuable experience

Which job that you've had made you the most "well-rounded" or would you consider the most "valuable" experience?

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Fired on my first day of work

OK, so here it goes..on interview, full time night shift at nursing home, sub acute unit. Told I am RN supervisor, no assignment , just house supervisor. Little did I know, they were preparing to...

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