World Hospice & Palliative Care Day- Oct 13  Taking Stock of Where We Are
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World Hospice & Palliative Care Day- Oct 13 Taking Stock of Where We Are

I checked my phone as it buzzed with a text message: "Dad's in the ER." Heart sinking, I replied to my friend, Martha, "What's up?" She went on to explain that her dad, a long term Alzheimer's...

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Crisis of confidence

Hello everyone Iv been a nurse now for 15 years. I have felt privileged to have been so, and proud of it. I did once upon a time feel that I did a good job. These days however its a different...

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Small hospital stopping services?

Hi all, I've been a nurse for about a year now and recently switched hospitals to a small hospital of about 70 beds within the area. I recently found out that in January they are stopping Endo...

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California New Grad taking job out of state, what are my chances of getting back to CA?

Hi everyone, I just graduated from a BSN program in May. I applied to hundred of jobs and had little luck. I ended up accepting a position into a new grad program at a Regional Medical Center in a...

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talking to the cops about my patient

Hi all, Today I was taking care of a patient who was brought in my the police for a SART exam after her family member called the police to report that she had been sexually assaulted. The patient's...

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Do you always send home after Vomiting 1x?

Had 2 in my office this morning after vomiting during PE. One had no other complaints and the other was focusing on their sore throat. PE teacher came to my office asking why they were sent back to...

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Your words are against you

Never tell people your life story. Just tell them you have a rough time. That's it.

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RN with Bachelors in Biology

Hello everyone wanted to come by and get some advise. I'm an RN with ADN I also have a bachelors in Biology. Should I get a second bachelors in nursing ? I don't know if I want a masters degree yet...

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Advice, thoughts, etc

Ok so here is my situation. I was a pre med student, but I switched to nursing. I plan to start an ADN program next semester hopefully. I will graduate from it after summer of 2020. Then, while I...

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Nurses aggravating my patients.

Maybe rant-y but I need to get this out there. Sorry if it annoys you. So, this has happened several times by the same nurse and I need ideas now. Going to the manager doesn't work- several have...

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It's all good except for...

So. I'm the only male nurse on a 25 bed med-surg ward and I get along with almost everyone except ONE nurse. I've only been a RN for 11 weeks and she was my preceptor. She has no patience and while...

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Nurse Beth
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Nurse Beth

Charge Nurse Feels like a Rat, Tech Refuses Patient Assignment

Dear Nurse Beth, I am a new charge nurse and at the end of the shift had a nurse tell me the tech working with her ignored an assigned patient, the tech was unhappy at getting. I listened to...

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Loud Cartoons for Elderly Patients

How do you feel about nurses/CNAs/other staff members turning on loud cartoons for their elderly patients to watch? It has been noticed that someone at the facility I work for seems to go into rooms...

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Credentials question

Good day: It is my understanding that credentials should be displayed as the highest degree, RN, followed by certifications in alphabetical order. Is that understanding correct? If yes, what...

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Failed clinical

Any advice you guys can give me based on this title. However my parents are in New York and it's so hard to finding nursing home jobs or jobs over there. Tip: anyone said it's hard to failclinical...

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Gave medications too early is this an error?

Patient I had just admitted was ordered heparin subcutaneous every 12 hours. I gave the first dose upon admission and then the next morning ended up giving the next dose 6 hours after that first dose...

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What happens in the nurse's office stays in the nurse's office

Hello all, and thanks in advance for the advice you share every day. How do you politely NOT answer a Nosy Parker kiddo who persists in asking why another student is in the nurse's office?

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I dont feel ready. I am soo scared.

I am a foreign nurse from Ghana who got approved to take the nclex. During the process of cvs for the NY BON, I was studying. Once it got approved, I signed up for Hurst review due to a...

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Music in your office?

I always have my laptop open to a You Tube channel of some sort. This morning I was listening to the Hamilton Soundtrack, now I am listening to the Best of John Williams. I feel like the kids enjoy...

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Urine/blood splash in eye

A few weeks ago I was emptying the catheter of an elderly patient who had a TURP with some blood in the catheter bag. As I was emptying, a small (minute) amount of fluid splashed into the corner of...

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