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"that's a myth about nursing"

I just got off the phone with a young applicant to rent from me. I mentioned that I worked yesterday, so she asked me what I did. She's a college student herself. She said, "Oh, wow, that's a...

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Damion Jenkins

Critical Thinking is MUCH more than an NCLEX Buzzword

Critical thinking in nursing is demonstrating the ability to organize thoughts, develop questions, and analyze data in a systematic and logical manner to ensure safe and effective nursing practice....

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Reasonable time frame for prn medication to be given?

When a patient asks for a prn medication lomotil how long is reasonable time to wait for the med to be given, the nurse stated she would be there shortly, then stated she will get to her when she...

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Job Hunt
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New Grad Resume

Help! Currently writing my resume for my first job as a nurse. I don't really have any background in the health care field other than being a receptionist at a nursing home and working at an assisted...

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No call no show

I feel awful. I was on call one night for a shift. I tried calling to see if I was needed later in the shift, but my calls weren't going through. I restarted my phone and messages from earlier from...

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Med Math Help

Please help me to figure out what the important information is in this problem so that I can set it up correctly. I find myself trying to include everything into the equation. A midwife orders...

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HR for facility. Not for employees.

I work in a toxic environment where nurses gossip about each other and hate each other. in my 23 years of practice I have never worked in such a toxic environment where I dread going to work. All...

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I want to be a travel nurse. Advise?

I have been in touch with Aureus staffing ever since I graduated almost a year, letting them know how my experience was going (I have been in Ortho/MegSurge for the past two years, one as a nurse...

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My DoN is a terrifying nepotistic bully. What do I do?

I'm 24 years old, I've been at this job for just about 9 months, and every second I'm here longer makes me terrified I'm going to lose my license.Some background: I started this job on a...

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All Things CRNA

Hi everyone!! I am currently on my last year of nursing school and plan on (or at least dreaming of) becoming a CRNA. I dreamed of being an anesthesiologist when I was younger but grew up some and...

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Home Health
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Bag Technique 101 for Home Care Nurses

You enter Mrs. Jones' home to do your Start of Care assessment. She opens the door to reveal a maze of newspapers and other memorabilia that she's been keeping since at least 1929. You begin...

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What Can be Done

What can be done? As I was receiving report, I felt this sudden sadness in my heart. I looked through the window at my patient while he lay lifeless in bed. I saw what appeared to be a toddler on...

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Stress 101
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Carol Ebert

How Resilient Are You?

How well do you bounce-back after something negative happens to you? After you get laid off, or lose a promotion, or experience a house fire, or even lose a loved one. Until we are tested by...

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newnurse Fresno

discouraged with interviews

The only job I can seem to land right now is at a snf. took the nclex over a month ago and honestly did not think it would be this hard. I even had a second intervew and felt really good about the...

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PVT good pop up...too soon??

Hi everyone. I just took the NCLEX and finished about two hours ago. Contrary to most people, I didn't find it THAT hard. Well, I found it to be easier than Kaplan, at least. I had a feeling it would...

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Nurse Beth
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Nurse Beth

Should New Grad Play it Safe or Take a Risk?

Dear Nurse Beth, I am a new graduate nurse and recently accepted a position in my hometown on a general pediatrics floor. I got a call today that I was accepted into a phenomenal nurse residency...

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Texting in nursing

There must be something wrong with me or Im just too old and not "with the times" as has been pointed out to me. Nurses today, staff and management , dont see a problem with texting doctors. Did not...

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Transportation when in motor home

I am seriously thinking about doing some travel nurse assignments. I am single, I have a Class C motor home with no tow vehicle. I also will be bringing my 2 dogs. My issue is no transportation...

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BSN program hours (for non-RNs)

I'm applying to accelerated and traditional BSN programs (I'm not an RN and have a Bachelor's in psychology). For those in either program, what are the hours you spend in class and studying? I'm...

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Are there "easy" nursing schools to get into in California?

I know that all nursing schools in California are impacted and rigorous in their own right, but is there some nursing schools in California that are easier to get into than others? I just about to...

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