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Loud Cartoons for Elderly Patients

How do you feel about nurses/CNAs/other staff members turning on loud cartoons for their elderly patients to watch? It has been noticed that someone at the facility I work for seems to go into rooms...

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It's Time to Stop Nurse Bullying in Its Tracks
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It's Time to Stop Nurse Bullying in Its Tracks

Bullying - unwanted, aggressive behaviors - happen daily on nursing units across the United States. During National Bullying Awareness Month, let's talk about why bullying should be stopped and how...

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"My pain is about an eight and a half"

Do you ever get patients who give you decimals for their report of pain? Somehow they lose credibility with me when they do this. Seriously, they can't settle on either and 8 or a 9? And, they think...

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Has anyone ever heard of Wolff-Parkinson-White Syndrome? So a student came in with dizziness and feeling like he was going to faint. So of course, I did a full assessment. Blood pressure and heart...

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withholding medications ethical dilemma

I have been a CNA for 5 years. i am also a nursing student (BSN/RN) on my last quarter. i work as a registry CNA right now, so i see a lot of different nurses and units etc. I was on an ICU unit...

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Terrified... need advice

Hi all. Hoping some can guide me in what to expect if they have been in similar situations. I am an RN in NY and about a month and a half ago I got drug tested at work for "reasonable suspicion"...

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Should prn get weekend or holiday diff???

Can a hospital refuse to pay prn nurses weekend or holiday differential? Legally?

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Broken chain of custody

After working several years at a LARGE hospital with nothing but impeccable job evaluations, I was called for a drug test. I truly have never used any illegal substances. I was told I failed the...

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Will school nurses be extinct?

I entered school nursing two years ago with a large district working 2 days per week. We do not do any patient care, due to having one school for one day, we essentially only do screenings, IEPs,...

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"Hallway admissions" at overcrowded ED, and professional risks of RNs talking to press

Saw this article in Becker's this morning. As I was reading it, I was quite surprised to read this quote: Wonder if Miss Kate Pugh still has a job. Why would anyone besides the hospital...

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Nurse Salaries Versus Executive Administrative Salaries: A Chasm Worth Crossing
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Nurse Salaries Versus Executive Administrative Salaries: A Chasm Worth Crossing

The gap between nurse salaries and those of healthcare executives rose from 23:1 to 44:1 in 10 short years. Our healthcare system is strapped, we are in the midst of a nursing shortage, and it seems...

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Friend is sending FB requests to all ICU/ER nurses

I have a friend/coworker that really wants to work in the ICU or the ER. She was thinking about looking up ALL the nurses at a hospital who work in any ICU or the ER and sending them a friend...

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sweet sunshine

Is this a fair holiday schedule

I work 3, 12 hour night shifts. We are required to work 2 out of 3 holidays. I got Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve. 12 hour night shift. The new schedule came out and I'm scheduled Halloween,...

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October 15, 2018 is Global Handwashing Day
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Brenda F. Johnson

October 15, 2018 is Global Handwashing Day

No matter what type of nursing you do, or what position you fill, handwashing and infection control are very important. October 15, 2018 is Global Handwashing Day. So wash your hands and read on to...

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Music in your office?

I always have my laptop open to a You Tube channel of some sort. This morning I was listening to the Hamilton Soundtrack, now I am listening to the Best of John Williams. I feel like the kids enjoy...

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Finally Accepted!!! Need Advice.

Hey all, I was finally accepted into a tremendous Nurse Anesthesiology Program. Could not be happier :). That all being said I am looking for advice... What can I do to set my-self apart from...

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What are your hours?

I come in at 730am and leave at 415. I work now in Charter HS. They're dismissal time is at 259pm.

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Does anyone know what drug panel O-792074 is for affinity?

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***admin, please don't repost*** Yesterday, I was desperately trying to take in last minute paperwork for exclusions (not sure how it works in other states, but in my state, students have until...

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Ginger Ale

Can I give HS students ginger ale for indigestion? it's not in the doctor's order

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