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I know a lot of you guys and girls have bigger schools than where I work. But for the month of May, I have seen 310 students. Mostly off the wall, ridiculous reasons too! At the end of every month I have to send out a monthly report. It has on the form how many children did I see, medications given out, lice checks, emergencies, etc. Can't wait to tally up the final score in two weeks of total children served when the annual report is submitted. Just ridiculous.

On a side note, the kids keep trickling in. A half hour left of school for today and I'm desperately trying to catch up on documenting!

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Not that it's a competition, but while we are on the subject--1087 for me this month, plus 282 total visits for meds and BID nursing care--plus field trips up the wazoo including a field day this week with 1/2 the school off-campus. No one here cares except for me how many students we are seeing. I WISH I could write a report up about it. One of the teachers thoughtfully pointed out how they are winding down while we are ramping up thanks to the weather. Luckily, I have a health aide, but even so, it's been a lot for us this month.

Thinking good thoughts for all of us. Soon we will get to catch our breaths!!!


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I saw 292 in my elementary school just last week alone! My health aide is diligent about entering every single visit no matter how minor but the one at my middle schools...isn't so our daily visit report doesn't give a true picture of how busy that office is. She still keeps a paper log and enters visits into the computer if she gets around to it and rarely enters the daily meds. I've tried telling her diligent charting ensures that the people in charge of staffing get a true picture of how much help we need but it goes in one ear and out the other. Not worth fighting about anymore. I'm done in 7 days!

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My visits from the middle school (2 grades) are about equal with my visits from the high school (4 grades). I'd like to say it was just May, but that has been the trend all year. I ran the numbers and 55% of all visits this year are either a 7th or 9th grade student - the two huge transition years. Luckily my non-nurse boss loves data like this and I ran numbers often for what has been positive and thoughtful discussion.


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My principal at my middle school was a math teacher so she LOVES when people run numbers, make charts and graphs and share data. :)

I just ran my monthly report for May as well (I love SNAP!).

For the month:

I had 946 student visits (that I logged! I don't always put in the bandaid for the invisible cut or the Vaseline for the lips, or the bathroom uses). I had 35 dismissals. So a 95.7 % back to class rate.

I had 222 scheduled meds, and 88 PRNS.

Surprisingly lice checks were only at 188. It seems like more!


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I agree about all the "ridiculous reasons" they are coming in. I have a few who keep trying the "I just threw up in the bathroom" tactic, but I see them laughing and playing so I know they are fine. Lots of invisible scratches and injuries, etc. June 26th needs to get here NOW


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Surprisingly lice checks were only at 188. It seems like more!

omg........ :cyclops: were these classroom checks? And how many were confirmed cases? We have done probably ten since I started in January! In a school of almost 900!

(My day with 100 visits, I only sent home 4...)

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