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My husband and I are considering a move to Wyo. this winter. I have several questions, one of the more important....what's the winter like? I am from the south and we don't even see snow down here where I live, it never gets... Read More

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    I live in Fort Collins so about 30 min from Cheyenne. If I had to move to WY I would move to Cheyenne. The North East part was super pretty as well but man you have nothing around. I don't mind little towns as long as it won't take me more then 30 mins to get to civilization. A lot of very beautiful spots. I wouldn't live in Gillette though, stopped their for a while and I hated it.

    I have adjusted to winters pretty well here in CO (I am pretty much on the border of WY) from what I was accustomed to, what no one warned me of though was this dang WIND!!!!!
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    Quote from wyomtorlpn
    ilmbg, I am confused.
    I have been wanting to move to/near Park County when I am done with school here in Oregon. I start my RN program this year.
    Are you in Cody or Powell, those are the only hospitals in Park County, right? I thought that both hospitals there were accredited. They are not?
    I heard that Cody was a great place to work. If you are/were there, why not?

    I also am looking into Casper/Douglas area too.
    I am an avid outdoors-person and love the cold/blowing snow stuff. Crazy, huh? I also love mountains, hunting and fishing, so either part of Wyoming should be good, but I DO want to find the right fit for a job.
    I have lived in Casper and worked at Wyoming Medical Center for 11 years. It is definitely one of the best facilities I have worked in. The CEO is an RN, which puts some caring into management. WMC serves as a clinical area for nursing students from CC and UW, as well as a Family Practice Residency for physicians. It is a Level 2 Trauma Center, working on getting to Level 1. I don't like the public school system, but haven't had kids in school for the last few years, so my opinion is outdated. Casper College is fairly diverse and includes a University of Wyoming campus with several Bachelor's and a few Master's degrees available. In Casper, we have Casper Mountain (skiing), the Platte river (great fishing), sand dunes, grassland, and Alcova Lake (boating) all within 30 miles. We have a small but good symphony orchestra, a great community theater, a wonderful art museum, a great community rec center with swimming and ice skating, a MLB farm team, and many other entertainment venues. The only thing about the weather that I really hate is the wind. Other than that, Casper is a very decent place to live and work.

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