Lpn near F.E.Warren AFB

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    Hello everyone. I might be moving to the AFB in September and was wondering if there are any prospects for LPNs here? I am also looking for LPN-RN bridge programs as well. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
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    There is not a whole lot. There are a couple of nursing homes here that seem like they are always hiring. You may find a position at a doctor's office and sometimes the base hires. Another option is getting a Colorado license and working in the Fort Collins area. Hope that helps
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    Thx!! Do you know of any lpn-rn bridge programs?
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    They have a program here at the community college. I think it is called Laramie County Community College. I decided not to go that route because of the time it would have taken for me to get in. I wanted to be done sooner, so I went with Excelsior College (online). You would have to do what works for you.

    We just moved here less than a year ago. Are you a military spouse?
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    My husband is in the USAF. I was looking into Excelsior as well but with us having to move all the time I don't want to end up in a place where I can't utilize my license. I will Check out that CC. Oh and one more question ( sorry) what is the average pay there for an LPN? We are leaving from Alaska and the starting pay out here for new grads is in the low 20's.
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    If you can finish Excelsior before you move again you can get a WY license and get some experience. Once you get experience I believe the Excelsior degree won't matter.
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    There is FRCC in Fort Collins which is only 40 miles away - I would check with them about LPN to RN. And if I were you I would get licensed in CO and NE as well and work agency - since you are in prime location to work in those states as well as WY. Much better pay.
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    I never would've thought about applying to NE or CO... Thanks a bunch for the info!
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    Remember if you apply for CO or NE you are now in a compact state so that simplifies things later down the road. The CO license is cheap too.

    The hospital hires LPNs very infrequently, they just had a few openings but they were gone just as fast. Pay starts in the low 20's. If you go the nursing home right, pick your spot wisely!