I'd like to hear from other Wyo nurses

  1. Hello all,

    I'm new to the site after a 2 year absence and I am very impressed at how the site has developed into something really spectacular! I was just curious how many other Wyoming nurses are participating. I'm an LPN in Worland.....love to hear from you.
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  3. by   Roseyposey
    I'm a student in Cheyenne.
  4. by   viking woman
    Are you an LPN student? I was just down your way last week, on the way to a week of fun and shopping in Denver (never been before). Thanks for the low fuel prices! I'm up here in Worland and OUCH on the price of fuel!
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    I'm a student in Cheyenne.
  5. by   Roseyposey
    I'm in an RN program. This was your first trip to Denver? I hope you had fun! I love to run away from home for the day to Denver. The lower downtown area has come along so nicely in the last ten years. I love going to shows at the Temple Buelle Theatre. There are such great malls - I like the Flat Irons and Park Meadows especially. (People who don't understand Wyoming probably wonder why we get so excited about a mall!!:chuckle )
  6. by   Blackcat99
    :hatparty: I left my heart in Wyoming. I will be going backto Wyoming in the future. I am stuck in Washington state now taking care of my mother who has Alzheimer's. I have lived in Evanston and Rawlins. Wyoming is the most beautiul state in the world!!!!! :hatparty:
  7. by   suezq14437
    Hey Black Cat, tell me about Evanston. I'm interviewing for a job there at the State Hosptial and am just wondering what the town is like.
  8. by   Blackcat99
    I use to work at the state hospital in Evanston. I love Evanston. It's a nice place to live and work. You'll love it!!!!! Congratulations!!!!

    The recreation center has a great indoor pool and a great place to walk. On July 4th they have fantastic fireworks too!!!! The mexican restaurant is small but the food is great!!! I miss Evanston and seeing the beautiful mountains. I had a "great boss" when I worked at the state hospital. I was treated very well at the state hospital. Nice people.
  9. by   buttons65
    Western New York? I'm originally from Queens, moved to Newcastle (edge of the Black Hills) in 1979.
  10. by   buttons65
    I'm a new grad (May 07) Weston County Hospital will hold my RN job until I pass boards. 1st try June 07, failed. 2nd try Aug 07, failed I'm very frustrated but will continue to follow my dream. I will not give up. Any suggestions for studying?
  11. by   WyoRN3
    I also work in Worland. I have been an RN for 3 years. Wyoming born and raised and love it.
  12. by   wyoty
    I am a student nurse here in Marbleton wy taking classes online out of Western Wyoming Community College. I was wondering if there was a student org here in wyo. I have a grandmother who is a volunteer at the hospital in Worland. You might know Ruth Bower.
  13. by   godsweet
    Hello Wyoming people!!

    I was orignally from Rock Springs, Wy. Since i was 11 years old i moved to missouri because of the divorced. I have thought about moving to Wyoming after I finish with RN program. My husband and I went to Wyoming last summer for vacation and I really miss it. We would like to move, but I am afraid for them not to hired me because i am Hard of hearing.

    Do you think they will hired me with no trouble??

  14. by   hhnursewyo
    Hi, Viking woman. I'm an RN in Pinedale. Home health. We're facing a lot of challenges here with adding hospice to our HH agency. I went to Nursing school in Missoula Montana 31 years ago. It's been an interesting ride from then to now. Hope all is well for you in Worland.