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Career prospects in Wyoming?

  1. 0 Hello people of Wyoming! How is the job market for new nurses?

    Thank you in advance!
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    Wyoming Medical Center in Casper has several medical/surgical jobs posted that don't specifically state "previous acute care experience required" like many positions. I thought new graduates had to apply to a residency program, if you apply there let us know what you find out!
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    Memorial hospital of carbon county in Rawlins welcomes new nurses-even into ER or critical care. I do know that for sure. the pay in Wyoming is not bad!! Wyoming has so many great hospitals! I would work at any of them!!
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    Rawlins is the cutest little town! I spent a week there several years ago and LOVED it.
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    Im a new grad, out of ADN for a year, and within 2 days of my application in WY I was called directly. Had a phone interview and it went well so my webcam interview will be soon. This is really surprising bc it has been extremely difficult in San Diego where I live to even get a email response from healthcare companies.

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    I spent over ten years in Wyoming, and will always consider it "home." However, I left in 2002 mostly because of crummy salaries. I was forever spinning my wheels in the face of a growing cost of living.Maybe it has changed some since then.I LOVED the little hospital in Rawlins, although Rawlins itself is the Armpit of America (yet one step above Rock Springs). I wonder if Dr. A is still there... one of the best MD's I've ever encountered to this day.Wyoming Medical Center had huge problems in the 90's/early 2000's due to horrible working conditions. The CEO at the time publicly told all the (picketing) nurses who didn't like it to go stuff themselves and/or go elsewhere. Many did. If WMC is still like it was back then, run away. Run far, far away. The hospital up in Worland was also a great place, and a nice area not too far from the Big Horns.The hospital in Jackson now has its own Nurse Mill (continuous cheap labor) thanks to a satellite campus from Casper College.