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Hey, y'all! Okay, I know this could get a bit scary, so if you're not into this kind of thing, please move on! This has the potential to become VERY GRAPHIC. Disclaimer over. ;>) However, I'm... Read More

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    Oh wow~that's pretty much all I can say. I do find this all very interesting, but rncountry boy did your stories gross me out. I definitely know that wound care is not for me. You people have guts!

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    I once had a patient with necrotizing fascitis on her leg. After awhile she was finally able to take a shower and so I stayed in there with her and helped. Imagine making light conversation with someone showering, while their propped up leg is missing all the flesh on the anterior side! Could see the tibia and fibula, ligaments, etc.
    "we'll just try not to get shampoo on that..."
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    I'm a psych nurse...I went into nursing to work in psychiatry. I'm so grossed out but I can't quit reading! Even after 12 years, I freak at minor dressing changes.

    You are damn good story tellers too!! Keep 'em coming!
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    My first week in nursing,,,,, at a 22 bed skilled unit,,, adminisration admitted,,, female,,,, indwelling foley,,, stoma,, and a decub on her sacrem,,,, the size of a ,,,,, well the diameter on the outside of her body,,, 9",,, round,,, (little towards oval side,),,, deep,,,, When changing her dressing,,, wound had tunneled so far,,my entire hand would dissappear inside,,,,,

    Now handling the dressing change was easy,,,, She was alert,, ambulatory /c walker,,,, drug her catheter bag on floor,,, chewed and spit tobacco,, & we would catch her any change she got opening her colostomy bag,,,, and dumping it,,,, where ever,,, In her spittoon,,, that was the worst!!!!

    The huge open wound,,, covering her entire backside,, didn't bother her,,, would volunteer to lean over bed while we did dressing change,,, making sure she told us 'her' way of doing it,,,, She was transfered to another facility,,,, Loved the challenge of the wound care,,, but the tobacco,,, etc,,,, OMG!

    The withing same month had a close to 7' man admitted,,,, Had gangreen on heels on both feet,,, that was a challenge,,, to not breath while those dressing were changed,,,,,,

    As I work asssisted living now,,, I haven't seen or dealt with wound like this in four years,,,, I do go to our skilled facility,,, checking what's happening there,,,,,

    The worst for me in assisted living is someone who is admitted,,, usuallly by APS,,,, they haven't bathed in ????? and their meds are screwed up,,,, if they have taken them,,,, Give me a month with them,,,, Got a new person,,,,,,

    One woman admitted,,,, went from the lobby directly to shower,,,, Even tho,,, I'm the DON I bathed her,,, washing,,,, washing,,,, & washing,,,, The smell and dirt,,, by far the worst I have ever experienced,,,,, That morning I believe I'd rather been elbow deep in an abdomanal wound,,,,,,,,

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    very earlier in morning,,,, guys,,,,,,

    Hope you can decipher all of my typos,,,,, in previous post,,,,

    Sorry,,,, going for more coffee now,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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    gangrene on a gentleman's penis among other places. Trips in that room were short and sweet because the room just reeked.
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    This pales in comparison, but here goes:

    I am an OB nurse, so wound care is not generally a big part of the job for me. But obviously, we recover patients who have undergone episiotomy, GYN surgeries, and yes, cesarian section patients. Well, we had a 400-pounder once. BIIIIIG lady...sweetest lady. On post op day 2, She felt a "pop".....yes, you guessed it ....she dehisced. EWWWWWWWWWWW.....did i say ewww? It was all I could do to keep it together when I saw her abdomen all opened up, pouring out the foulest smelling stuff known to she had been afebrile for us remains a mystery; it was obvious she has a nasty bug cooking in there....

    Yea, dr opened up her whole wound....her huge pendulous abdomen stem to stern , open wide, green stinky stuff just POURING OUT ALL OVER THE BED....omg you could see her INSIDES all over from that gaping wound. It became an everyday chore to pull miles of curlex out of that gaping hole, covered in stinky green purulent discharge, clean her out and fill it up again w/more curlex. I still remember the SOUND of that discharge spilling out and filling the whole box of 4X4s we would wick there. For weeks. Healing from the inside out on a big lady takes time.

    I know this is not so gross compared to some, but it convinced me I have NO place in wound/infection control care. Period. It was all I could do to hold my stomach each time we did this lady's wound care.
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    I am loving this!!! I thought I was the only Pus Queen!! Well, my story isn't as good, but here goes. Was working er got a little lady in 82 yrs old and a Christian Scientist. ( Christian Scientists do not believe in conventional medicence. When they become ill, they pray for good health.) This lady lived alone, but had a caretaker come in to assist with ADLs once a day. Her only daughter lived out of state. this lady started out witha small decubitus on her sacrum, amd she would somehow trim away at it with nail sissors9 or she got the aide to do it, we never knew) By the time her daughter came to visit and forced her to the er SHE HAD NO SKIN FROM SACRUM TO SHOULDERS!!!!!!!!! I have never seen anything like it! It was like an anatomy lesson. You could see both hips, iliac crests, each vertebrae, scapulas, etc. I don't know what happen to her ,our doc that said there was no way she could live. This lady was awake, alert, walkinf around, and was so hostile!
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    A few years back I took care of a young boy (6-7 yrs old) on the PICU who was accidently shot in his wrist area by his older brother. His wound and healing did not progress as they thought it would and they decided on leech therapy. Not much grosses me out, but just to attempt to take a leech out of a cup and put it on a wound left me with nightmares for months. Funny, the blood and guts don't phase me, but those little ugly bugs do! Am I a freak or what??
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    You guys are awesome !!!!! I don`t have anything half as interesting............One thing that did gross me out several years ago....I was in Calif. on a travel assign.Had a patient who had huge( due to ladies large size) open abdomen wound, took 4-5 rolls of kerlix to pack it, but wound was fairly clean, not a problem, just time consuming. went to do dressing change, and noted this wiggly black line from window, down to floor, up leg of bed, to patient.......Ants..........just creeped me out.......... Did LOTS of irrigating......and called HS to get emergency visit from exterminator !!!at midnight.....
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