Wound Vac Company and Issues - page 2

by rhizopus | 9,790 Views | 11 Comments

Wound nurse here, just was wondering if you were all please with the wound vac company KCI. I been having some issues with the reps as well as the consultants. Maybe its just in my area, they are hard to deal with, I know they... Read More

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    i was on the wound vac for almost 9 months and too had problems with having to go off of it and then back on. but my biggest complaint was when i received the bill! i called them and asked them if i had bought the machine because of the huge bill. i am still paying on about $5000 worth of "renting" the machine...not the $700 sponges or other supplies. :angryfire
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    i've used the venturi negative pressure by invacare and I'm getting ready to try the medella machine. I've had great results with the venturi.

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