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I need some advice re: skin tears. Occasionaly in the PACU we come across a patient, usually very old and frail with that delicate arm skin that tears from the slightest rub. They come out from O.R sometimes with a tear that we... Read More

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    [QUOTE=MikeLPN]I use our wound cleanser for an initial cleaning and then blot it dry while coaxing the remaining skin edges into approximation using swabs if need be - especially if the skin rolls under. Then I apply steri-strips cut to a decent length and try to match up the edges as best I can applied starting from the center to the edges. Apply a telfa and roll gauze over that and set up a tx to remove that in AM and monitor the steri strips bid til healed.

    At my facility we find paper tape strips work just as well with no cost to the patient!