seeking for advice,.,

  1. hi folks, just graduated 42 days ago, and went back here in hawaii,., I'm just so confused right now about this pnle n nclex thing,. I'm an immigrant for three years now and yah at first i thought of not taking the pnle anymore because they said "i'd be ok not to take the pnle if I'm planning to take nclex right away" but i came to realized(d/t some advised) i will take it on dec,.,now I'm working as part time(nothin to do with nursing tho) to earn for the cgfns because of the "dues" i had to pay at the same time self-reviewing,., now my question would be " how long will it take for me to process my cgfns? CES only,., and yes, because of hearing all these per State problem when it comes to requirement upon taking the NCLEX, I'm seeking for your suggestions on what to state to APPLY,,.?? of course taking into consideration the 1.requirements 2.delays 3.percentage of approval,., thank you,..,

    ps: advice for new grads like me is much appreciated! kinda sketch still folks,., =)
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  3. by   marchonebus
    How about New York?
  4. by   Silverdragon102
    Where do you plan on living and working?
  5. by   Fiona59
    You're in Hawaii, what's wrong with applying there?
  6. by   pidgz
    I don't know, but I'm just losing my hopes working in here because my cousin who's RN and been here for 3 yrs already never had the chance to land a job as "RN", and i've also read an article that hawaii is not really of in need of nurses right now (just can't remember the site) and yes there are some RN jobs here that is vacant but requires 2-3 yrs or experience.
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  7. by   pidgz
    haha,. i was thinking of moving mainland too and for some reason NY is on the list.. =D but I'm figuring out and still searching what state does accept new RN.. coz majority of the vacant job does require experience.
  8. by   steppybay
    Where's the EASIEST, THE FASTEST, THE CHEAPEST STATE to get eligibility: to AVOID the different English reading and writing requirements, who doesn't need to have their curriculums reviewed and evaluated, if you don't have a local PH license,'s what I've been trying to tell you guys for months!

    Kabayans, you have to look at the "bigger picture".

    To everyone asking of the same question: just pick whatever state you wish to work in for the next 3-8 years or more. With the strong possibility, this State is where you will plant your roots and watch your babies grow from an infant till they go to college.

    -- First and foremost, you must now have a valid SSN to apply into CA and into most states and one day soon, ALL states will require a SSN and for future renewals. There are zero to a handful of hospital sponsorships in the whole country now, don't count on those, you will have better luck winning the lottery odds. There are some states that will allow you to apply and take the exam if you pass all other requirements, BUT those same states will not issue the actual license and license number until you provide them a valid SSN!! Also know that many places of employment needs to verify your SSN as part of the regular hiring process and needed for their accounting dept.

    -- Many states are now requiring a copy of PH local license, this is partly so that the BON's can verify if your license name and numbers matches the ones approved and given by the PH nursing board, to reduce those submitting false documentations.

    -- It makes NO sense to get a license in one state, when you really WANT to work in another, as you need to still PASS that state's requirements you wanted to work in the FIRST place. I see so many trying to go thru the back door but know it's being closed down.

    -- You will be spending more MONEY by hopping around one state to another in extra fee$ and possible extra money for certain testing$ and wasting more months waiting and waiting, instead of looking for a job. Why pay double $$$ ??

    --- Don't forget that being a "new grad" in many of the States means that you must apply for the new grad position IF you are within ONE YEAR of your graduation, NOT the date and year you pass the NCLEX, this is a big factor that becomes the rejection for your submitted job application. This is true for any US new grads as well, it's across the board.

    **** The FASTEST, the EASIEST, the CHEAPEST state to apply into is the State you feel you will put your roots down for many years, the MINUTE you pass the NCLEX! If that state doesn't meet their requirements AND your needs and desires (weather, salary, etc) now then move on and research and travel to that state if you can. ****

    -- Avoid the 13-14 states that are enforcing the concurrency now, The list of them are mentioned a few times on this forum. Here you go: [COLOR=#003366][COLOR=#003366][COLOR=#003366][COLOR=#003366][COLOR=#003366][COLOR=#003366][COLOR=#003366][COLOR=#003366][COLOR=#003366] NV was recently enforcing it. Don't be surprised if FL and TX join the concurrency bandwagon one day, it's a very old requirement from years ago before most of us were born (25 plus years).

    -- Forget about trying to ENDORSE-TRANSFER any out-of-state license into CA or ANY of the current mentioned 13-14 other states that are enforcing the concurrency rules, it's NOT going to happen as again, you MUST submit the same college transcripts that already DENIED or will DENY the application, there's no way around to go around this! It doesn't matter if you have 2 years or more of US RN experience, my PH friend tried to endorse her FL into CA and was denied the licensure, citing the same concurrency issue. Same thing with our friend with her NY license, same bad fate.

    -- As you may know or should know, that jobs for us international students are becoming very hard and pretty difficult to get our foor thru the door, as many hospitals even many clinics are hiring their own students that did their clinical time in that hospital or hiring more of that local students or those from the same State. It's known as hiring the "internals". So getting approved and passing the NCLEX-RN is nothing, compared to finding the real thing......a nursing job.

    -- To find out what state you are interested in, the bottom of each page is the list of BON's and you can easily Google...STATE's name followed by "board of nursing"....BINGO! It's all there for the state's requirements, including every one of the Board's has a special ""INTERNATIONAL"" section.

    Good luck, everyone, we can do this, but allow a lot more time than originally planned, be prepared to work in a State you really don't want to be in for several years, take any kind of
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