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Nursing school in Spain in Spanish

  1. 0 Hello everyone,

    I am looking for anyone whose first language is English and has studied in Spain in Spanish. I am an American and I am married and a resident of Spain. I recently went back to school in the USA but it is really hard being away from my husband and I have to be on a wait list for a year just to get into the nursing program (spokane cc). I am turning 25 this summer and will be able to get into university with just tests in bio, chem, math and a small spanish one. I speak Spanish at a B2 level, higher - intermediate.

    My questions are:

    Did you find the system Spain uses hard compared to the states or home country?
    Nursing is hard enough in your own language was it too hard in a different one?
    over all experience?
    What university did you go to?


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    Hi, I am in the opposite situation, I am from Spain and went to nursing school in Spain but I am married and living in the US. Honestly, I think that with your level you will fine, nursing in Spain is very similar to what it is here. I already took my NCLEX and passed the first time and my english level is ok, not great. You may have some difficulty with medical terminology at first but nobody is familiar with those terms when they start school, and you will get used to after a while, so you will probably in the same situation than everyone else. Besides the medical terminology is written almost the same in both languages. Good luck
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    Thanks! I am really worried about the work load, I was an English teacher in Spain for most of the time I've been here and I have heard kids talk about how much schooling they have. But once they get to university they fail like it's no big deal. maybe because school is so cheap or because the kids I knew were a bit of slackers :P

    My biggest worry is my spanish being not so great...
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    Hi Just wondering if you started nursing school yet? I am in the same position here in Costa Rica. My husband is unable to go to the States. I just went and got my name put on the waiting list after completing all prereqs online. After being in the States one week to get everything turned in I told my husband there is no way we could do that two years So, the nursing schools here have no wait list and cost about $10,000 for the whole BS program.
    Only problem is my Spanish is not that great BUT I understand a lot lol Just wanted to know if you had started and how you are doing Spanish wise!
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    venga guapa~ i was born and raise en madrid, spain, and i went to the university of madrid and graduated with what is known as enfermero licenciado (rn). having said that, i didn't find any difference between spain and usa when it comes to the nursing program, just the language. furthermore, most of the medical abbreviations are the same for example: stat, npo, and several others. with that said, you have an advantage of already knowing the language and as you well know once you learn the terms of "female and the male in the spanish language" you got it made. in addition, opposite to you when i decided to move to usa i had to learn english, which for me was quite difficult to learn in my native country. therefore, i moved to london chelsea for one year in order to learn the language and be forced to practice in my daily living, it took me a whole year to feel comfortable to speak the language. at this level, i scheduled a date to take my nclexrn in the states, and for my surprise i passed on the first try needless to say, i was elated. unquestionably, once in the states i had to learn quickly the lingo if you will, from states to state in order to become a travel nurse i conquered that as well. lastly, i received my msn here in the states and i can honestly say that the only difference in usa and spain nursing programs is that in spain they are a bit more traditional shall we say, than usa but all in all there isn't a mayor difference between the two. i have no doubt, that you'll be able to excel in the nursing program as i wish you the very best in all of your future endeavors... as i send you abrazos (hugs) from across the miles... ole~
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    Hello! I am wondering if you have began the nursing program in Spain and if so how is it going with the language barrier? How much oes it cost and how long is the program. Also what school are you attending? I am in a similiar situation! any advice would be appreciated. gracias!

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