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  1. vimagaur

    Nursing school in Spain in Spanish

    Hi, I am in the opposite situation, I am from Spain and went to nursing school in Spain but I am married and living in the US. Honestly, I think that with your level you will fine, nursing in Spain is very similar to what it is here. I already took my NCLEX and passed the first time and my english level is ok, not great. You may have some difficulty with medical terminology at first but nobody is familiar with those terms when they start school, and you will get used to after a while, so you will probably in the same situation than everyone else. Besides the medical terminology is written almost the same in both languages. Good luck
  2. vimagaur

    How to get an American license as a BSN?

    You need to contact CGFNS, it's the organization in charge of foreign nurses. I am a nurse from Spain and it has taken me almost five years to get my license validated but I have to admit that my English was very poor and that is what took me a long time. You also need to take an English proficiency exam.... anyway, you will find all this information in cgfns.com. The organization takes a while to do all the process and you need to do a lot of paperwork. Your process might be different than mine because I came with visa, after I got married. My husband is american. Good luck with everything and I hope this is helpful for you.
  3. vimagaur

    CGFNS Language Report

    No, I didn't know that your education was in England. I am from Spain, so I had to do it..... But the exception is if your education was conducted in English. They probably made a mistake with you. You might have to contact them to clarify that, their phone hours are only until noon (Eastern time) and you usually have to opefulhold for a while. Hopefully you can get everything right soon.
  4. vimagaur

    CGFNS Language Report

    HI, you need to apply for the Language report because, after you take and pass your proficiency English exam (Toefl, IELTS) CGFNS has to send the report to the BON. The results have to be sent to CGFNS, not to the BON. That's why they charge you $ 85, it sounds like a lot a money just to send some information......but it's your only choice. If you haven't taken the English exam I would recommend you to try IELTS, I passed that one the first time after failing the TOEFL iBT a few times in the Speaking section. Good luck with the whole process and if you need to call them, be very patient because they are not very nice people, at least with me.

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