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Does anyone here have any experience with nursing in Saudi Arabia? I'm seriously considering it. They have one year contracts available through Med-Hunters. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.... Read More

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    Quote from Dalzac
    A friend of mine took a 6 month job in Saudi. Here is what she told me. You are not allowed out of your apt without a burka. You are not allowed to shop for yourself. A man has to do your shopping for anything even clothes. you can wear a uniform at work but you are not allowed off the floor you are working. You are lucky if you get any breaks or lunch, most times you don't. You can not even touch a man, you have to look away, in fact you can't even make eye contact. She said that it is women and children that she worked with.
    She made good money and was tax-free, but she hated it and would never, ever, do it again. It was just not worth it and it felt more like slavery. Oh yeah she told me this too if you are a blonde dye your hair dark because the Saudi men will snatch you up becuse to them blonde means "whore"
    This is not true, at least not in all reagions in Saudi Arabia. I am a Saudi nurse and I know how is the situation there. If you work in eastern or western reagion, there is more freedom. In the center, they are more restricted. In eastern region where I work, nurses from everywhere are working here and they have freedom more than us. they should wear decent clothes but they are not forced to cover their hairs or their faces especially in Dhahran. They can't drive cars, but they can go to any Shopping center or malls for shopping. It is not ture that u have to have a male with u to shop anything. U can buy anything u want from any store. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted since they are prohibitted in Islam. Also, u can't touch any male in front of people if he is not from your relatives. Touching patients though is socially acceptable from non muslims nurse but you should also consider the cultural view of the individuals. some patients don't like that, and some are don't mind. in hospital there is more freadome and foreign nurses are the majority in Saudi hospital, therefore, I don't think any one would feel herself as starnger. Thats what I really know and what I am sure about. Don't generalize an idea from someone to all reagions in Saudi Arabia because this country is large and has many diffrenent backgrounds.

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    You can go this link
    Saudi Arabia Healthcare and Nursing Jobs - Helen Ziegler
    and make sure to look at the different cities )Dammam, Dhahran, Jeddah and Riyadh). Riyadh is the most restricted area for some one who came from a very open country as the US, while other cities are more open.
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    Quote from arak1547
    Does anyone here have any experience with nursing in Saudi Arabia? I'm seriously considering it. They have one year contracts available through Med-Hunters. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.
    i work in saudi arbia and its not what you think! not because the women dont drive care it means its a bad i dea or its a kind of Torture you can do whatever u want without taking a man with u u can go to malls ride a taxi but u have to ware uniform call abaia but u dont have to cover ur face as what many people has said so.. its really a safe country men dont talk to u without an excuse u live like A
    princess.. u may not allowed to drive but there are many drivers u can call! saudi has many places u can go and have fun with ur friends and the hospital there are very larg and i have day off and u take alot of money .. u really will feeel blassed!! people who have no i dea or havent been there befor .. dont talk about it if u dont know ... not because u hear things could be true! go chek it by ur self and dont lesn to anyone.. not becuse its an islamic country means its bad its the best country who takes care if women ! queens dont drive cars by their owns .. so saudi‘s women there are queens !! the men its the one who work really hard to get to his wife there and chilidren A good royal life!!
    you will love it

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