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Is there anyone who can fill me in on RN jobs in France. I prefer the city hospiitals, I work in ICU currently. I have many years exp in Med Surg also. Would like to hear from someone. If you... Read More

  1. by   abhelle
    hi fred...thanks for the infor but the link u gave is in french can understand it...n try to open the english version ddnt open on my computer... Kidsly tell me why iit will be difficult to work in france...

  2. by   Silverdragon102
    Quote from abhelle
    hi fred...thanks for the infor but the link u gave is in french can understand it...n try to open the english version ddnt open on my computer... Kidsly tell me why iit will be difficult to work in france...

    You will need to learn French to be able to work in France
  3. by   abhelle
    HI FRED! im married to french national n soon ill be joining nxt year coz ill be graduating here in the PHilippones of BS in nursing. KIndly send me the link again in english endufrance coz i cant open the link. Ill be taking my local board here before ill join my husband nxt year. Plz tell me what to do ... how can i let france acknowledge my diploma.. what steps in need to do? whose person or agency in need to contact to help me and know all needed informations... or links that will help me and my husband understand all proceudres on what to do. By the way im trying my best to study french, i alrdy finish level 1 of french language ill continue again nxt summer...

    tnx for all...
  4. by   suzanne4
    All of their information is in french, just as I told you in your other posts.
    All of their contacts are done in french as well.

    There is not one thing that you can do to prepare for working in France until you have a completed set of transcripts and have passed the NLE. The NCLEX is only for the US so you do not need to do anything with that at all.

    Best of luck to you but I would focus on getting thru your last year and studying french as well. And if your husband is a french national then he can easily read it and give you the information.

    France essentially has a hiring freeze in place, so you are not going to be seeing much in the way of agencies doing anything for there. The only reason that you will be able to work is because of your husband.

    And you are also going to need a visa that will permit you to work there, has your husband applied for it for you as well?
  5. by   abhelle
    Thanks for all the informations.... im sorry for being a pain in the ass for asking much, but i guess i jst wanted to know all info for not to look stupid... Already send the link to my husband and he will explain to me all soon this august when ill visit him. No he havent applied for my work permit yet. Do he have to do that now? if im still be joining him nxt year?

    the french embassy is offering me before the long stay visa, means 2yrs no coming back home in philippines but i decline coz i told them i have to finish my study 1st so they jst gave me a month visa to visit my hubby this august...
  6. by   suzanne4
    Wait until your husband can translate for you, there is not one thing that can be done now. You will need the visa that will permit you to work before you move there after you graduate. That should be done before you go there permanently.

    You need to focus on passing your last year as well as getting thru the NLE. Without that, then there is no way for you to proceed on with anything else. Those are two major requirements for you to complete.

    Best of luck to you.
  7. by   abhelle
    thanks for all the help... May i ask what is DDASS? merci
  8. by   suzanne4
    The licensing board there.
  9. by   arcenciel32
    Hello abhelle,
    kumusta. i read your posts and what can i say it is really hard to get a job as a nurse here in france. there are a lot of vacant positions but sad to say that for us filipino nurses the possibility are rather slim but good for you since you're married to a frenchman because the requirements according to the DDASS are 1. either married to a french national 2. or you are here as a refugie . I've made inquiries before but since I do not qualify with either requirements I am obliged to go to school here which is actually not a very good option for me. anyway just make good in your french studies although there is one filipina who made it as a nurse here. she was sent by her employer to a nursing school so she was able to work in a hospital. boone courage et a bientot!!!!
  10. by   Ginger's Mom
    Are you saying that to practice in France you must repeat nursing
    school? That is no break what so ever.
  11. by   abhelle
    hi there arcencciel32! oh god so happy that ur filipino.. thanks for ur reply... reallly that difficult.. well then lets wait n see and hope for the better...Im happy that i have a chance..In trying my best to learn french but cant concentrate now coz im on my 4th level always on duty.

    where u in france? can i know ur email add ill be gald to have a friend there before ill join my husband nxt yr.. tnx
  12. by   suzanne4
    We ask that you post in proper English so that others can read and understand. Most that post here are required to write the English exams, and chart in English. So practising here with proper grammar and punctuation will be beneficial to all.

    And we ask that all posts be 100% in English per the TOS of this site.

    Thanks for your understanding.
  13. by   abhelle
    Im sorry. Will do that thanks for letting us know.